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Assume you want to increase the maximum operating voltage of a parallel plate capacitor. Describe how you can do that with a fixed plate separation.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


q=cv...........  c=keA/d for parallal plate capacitor............... to increse v you should decrease c..........  and u would do that by increasing  d, decreasing A and e............ [ e ] means fsilonnot........................

6 years ago

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what will be the effect on time period if a dipole is hanged from a rigid horizontal pole.and -q charge is on the free end and +q charge is at the point of suspension.
The effect is i dont know
aishwarya meti one year ago
I dont know the effect correctly I think it will increase the time period all the best for your bright future
Prabhakar ch 6 months ago
how do i solve this question
Try to convert the entire network into simpler across branch AB. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
Electrostatic field lines do not form closed loops. Give reason. [ 1 mark question ]
A force is said to be conservative if its work along a trajectory to go from a point Ato a point B is equal to the difference U(A)−U(B) where U is a function called potential energy....
Riddhish Bhalodia 8 months ago
the question was asked recently at a test. please answer it asap.
Let the voltage at junction of capacitor, b/w 2 resistances, b/w 3 resistances and at the negative of E volt be x, E, V1 and 0 respectively. Apply KCl at all the nodes respectively. The...
Vikas TU 22 days ago
what is drift velocity
drift velocity is the flow velocity experienced by an electron inside a conductor when an electric field is applied to the conductor. The drift velocity is given by v= I/neA where I is the...
Neeti one year ago
The drift velocity is the flow velocity that a particle, such as an electron, attains due to an electric field. It can also be referred to as axial drift velocity . In general, an electron...
Aakash one year ago
Drift velocity is the flow velocity an electron inside a conductor experien
Neeti one year ago
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