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1481_9964_Potential.jpgA charge q is uniformly distributed along an insulating straight wire of length 2l as shown in fig. Find an expression for the electric potential at a point located a distance d  from the distribution along its perpendicular bisector.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Potential=∫(from x=-l to x=l)(q/2l)/(4pik√(d^2+x^2))dx

5 years ago

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what is field?
But in general , Field in basically a region in which a particluar influence acts, Could be electric, magnetic, gravitational. A particular object produces it’s field and when other objects ...
Neeti one year ago
Could you be a little more specific? Which field are you referring to? Electric? magnetic?
Neeti one year ago
what is the scope of GATE exam?
Gowher Maqbool one year ago
Can gravitational field be added to electric field vectorially to get total field ?
@ aamina No , gravitational field is the field which is acts by the earth or some heavenly object on a body . but electric field is the field that will act when the charge will be their ....
Umakant biswal 2 months ago
NO, you can never add to quantities with different dimensions. electric field- MLT -3 A -1 AND GRAVITAIONAL FIELD- LT -2 You could add gravitational force and electric force or something....
Bejoi Mathew 2 months ago
If Q is directly proportional to V and C is just a constant to remove this proportionality then why it is Q equals CV NOT;V equalsQC?
Since C here is the proportionality constant .and it is the capacitance of a conductor.which means what amount of charge it can store per unit potential difference applied across the ends...
Nikhil Upadhyay one year ago
if Not then This might be helpful- The amount of charge that can be placed in a capacitor is directly proportional to the voltage pushing the charge on the capacitor .the larger the...
Nikhil Upadhyay one year ago
A force of 50N is inclined to the vertical at an angle of 30 degree . Find the acceleration it produces in a body of mass 2kg which moves in the horizontal direction.
Do components in x direction. therfore, acceleration it produces in a body of mass 2kg is: in x direcn. Fsin30 = m*a 50*0.5 = 2*a a = 25/2 m/s^2.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
The propagation of light is best described by, dual / schizophrenic model wave model particle model None of the above
The propagation of light is best described by dual / schizophrenic model. Visible light is a narrow part of electromagnetic spectrum and in a vacuum, all electromagnetic radiation travels...
dolly bhatia 4 months ago
A complete understanding of dual nature of light was not achieved before the 20’s in the 20th century. Experiments conducted by scientists of the time (Davisson, Germer, Thompson and...
Vikas TU 4 months ago
@ gayathri what u need to understand here is that light was actually a wave, but when the scientist assumed that a wave requires a medium to propagate , but light can propagate through...
Umakant biswal 4 months ago
what is the mirror formula?
Mirror Formula And Magnification. In a Spherical Mirror , The distance of the object from its pole is called the Object distance (u). The distance of the Image from the Pole of the Mirror...
venky one year ago
yes it is correct. 1/f = 1/s + 1/s’. here s=object distance. s’=image distance. f=focal length.
sai kumar one year ago
1/(focal lenth) = (1/object distance)+(1/image distance)
gopathoti bujji one year ago
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