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A rectangular conducting bar of breadth w and infinite length is placed along the x-axis, as shown, in a magnetic field acting in the y-direction. A voltmeter is placed with the two wires in contact at two points across the breadth. On moving the wires, carrying the voltmeter with the speed v, the reading of voltmeter will be

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6 years ago


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The diagram does not indicate whether the breadth of the conducting bar points along y-axis(the answer is zero in this case), or along the z-axis(the answer is vwB in this case).

5 years ago

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What is the difference between a spherical shell and a sphere?
A spherical shell is a hollow body which can be conducting or non conducting and a sphere is a solid body which can be either conducting or non conducting...
H AGGARWAL 9 months ago
A spherical shell is the region between two concentric spheres of differing radii and A sphere with every point on its surface equidistant from its centre .
ajay 9 months ago
vaishnavi s 9 months ago
If Q is directly proportional to V and C is just a constant to remove this proportionality then why it is Q equals CV NOT;V equalsQC?
Since C here is the proportionality constant .and it is the capacitance of a conductor.which means what amount of charge it can store per unit potential difference applied across the ends...
Nikhil Upadhyay one year ago
if Not then This might be helpful- The amount of charge that can be placed in a capacitor is directly proportional to the voltage pushing the charge on the capacitor .the larger the...
Nikhil Upadhyay one year ago
Please explain how at a surface of a charged conductor electrostatic field must be normal to the surface at every point
in electrostatic condition , 1- the field inside the conducter is 0 . 2- the field just outside the surface will be just normal to the surface , this is beacuse the surface of the conducter ...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
Explain the Mendleef, Modern, Extended and long form.
Mendeelev grouped elements according to increasing order of atomic mass while in modern form ielements are arranged on basis on incresing atomic number moreover modern form of table is able...
Tushar 16 days ago
the image answer is 1.47 exactly.this my anwer ….….….…...hi how are you.iam fine ….….….….….….…...iam also fine
T.kumar 9 months ago
the answer for question in your image is 1.47. all the best for your bright future. Good luck MY DEAR FRIEND THE ANSWEROF YOUR QUESTION IS IS 1.47.DUE TO DISPERSEDPHAGE.THANK YOU.PLEASE...
raj 9 months ago
Hello sai.. The answer for your question in image is 1.47.All the best for your JEE exams.THE ANSWEROF YOUR QUESTION IS IS 1.47.DUE TO DISPERSEDPHAGE.THANK YOU.PLEASE APPROVE IT.
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Is it possible for a particle to describe a curved path if no force acts on it? Does your answer depend on the frame of reference chosen to view the particle ?
Actually particle CAN move without applying force depending on your frame of reference. Though we still use “pseudo-force” or ficticious forces to balance out the motion. Accelerated frames ...
Manas Shukla 6 days ago
NO particle can follow a curved path if there is no external force . this is a newton law -particle move in a straight line untill an extenal force act on it . so for a curved path external ...
prateek 7 days ago
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