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  • Electricity and Magnetism
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why is emf induced if there is change in flux?

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Because a magnetic field varying w.r.t. time gives rise to an electric field

4 years ago

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A wire of length 2.5 km and resistance 35 ohm has fallen from a height of 10m in earth's horizontal field of 2 *10^-5 T . What is the current through the wire? Please provide the formulae...
I think this should go as: potential generation = E*d = 2*10^-5*10 = 2*10^-4 V. I = V/Resistance = 2*10^-4/35 A is the required answer. Perhaps!
Vikas TU 5 months ago
A 110 V dc heater is used on an ac source such that the heat produced is same as it produces when connected to 110 V dc in same time intervals .What would be the rms value of the...
Since heat produced is same in same time period therfore voltage for this time period is same across the heater. For Dc supply voltage is 110 V. So, RMS voltage is also 110 V. BEST OF...
Bejoi Mathew 2 months ago
What is Faraday’s law explain it briefly????????????
Faraday’s law: A law stating that when the magnetic flux linking a circuit changes, an electromotive force is induced in the circuit proportional to the rate of change of the flux linkage.
i have passed cbse board with 88.2% , my jee main score is 119 , can i expect which college This link will help you predict your probable rank, on the basis of which you can get an estimate, if you can get any NITs....
Ankit 4 months ago
does an ideal inductor absorbs or delivers reactive power
@ kalyan an ideal inductor will deliver the reactive power , the capacitor will store the power and the inductor will deliver the power to the system . HOPE IT CLEARS ALL THE BEST ..
Umakant biswal 7 days ago
A girl is swinging seated in a swing. What is the effect on the frequency of oscillation if the stands?
dear donga, When the girl stands up, her centre of mass moves up and length of swing decreases. Hence frequency of oscillation increases.............
2017 years ago
a packet is released from a balloon accelerating upward with acceleration a. the acceleration of packet just after the release is
Since the ballon was moving upward with acceleration a, there is a force of gravity on the packet too. The balloon is moving upward bexause the reaction force R>W, weight of the packet. As...
Shaswata Biswas one month ago
Just after the release the packet posses only the component of the velocity aquired. Here the accleration of the balloon has no effect on the acceration of the body. When the body is...
Shaswata Biswas one month ago
Shaswata Biswas your anwer is right. But can you please explain why the acceleration of the balloon has no effect on the acceleration of the body?
Dhanyashree one month ago
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  • Electricity and Magnetism
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