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				   if an electron is not deflected in passing through a certain space,can we be sure that there is no magnetic feild in that region?

5 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Aditya

Deflection depends on VXB.So if v and b are in same direction then electron will go undeflected even if there is magnetic field(B).

All the best.




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5 years ago

no we can not say that there is no magnetic feild....

take a example in which electron is passing through a region where, magnetic field and electric field exist ,both are perpendicular to each other as well as to velocity of particle...

 v is the velocity of moving electron then

force due to  electric field is Fe = Eq

 Force due to magnetic field is q(vBsin@) or qvB                      (sin90 =1)

  if electron is not deflected then total force acting must be zero



that means if there is magnetic field then electron is not deviated but this condition 1 should be fulfilled....


5 years ago

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