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In a circuit containing a capacitor and an AC source, the current is zero at the instant the source voltage is maximum. Is it consistent with ohm’s law?

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


when only a capacitor is atached to the ac source the current and emf have a phase difference of (pi/2) i.e.90degree therefore i=imax(sin wt) while emf =emax(sin wt+(pi/2)) while this circuit not having any resistance not follow ohm's law

6 years ago

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i am obc student how many marks are required to get cs in bombay iit
Atleast 60% of the total.
Harsh Patodia 5 months ago
Outline the path-breaking experiments of Faraday and Henry and highlight the contributions of these experiments to our understanding of electromagnetism?
Faraday discovered the principle of electromagnetic induction. . He took a magnet and a coil wth galvanometer and did many experiments including displacing the magnet towards the coil then...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
what is the mutual conductance........please expain it?
Dear Sreenivas, Mutual conductance is the magnetic flux is created in one coil influenced by the another coil present in magnetic field.
SAI SARDAR 8 months ago
The phenomenone in which an emf is induced in the secondary coil due to the change of magnetic flux in the primary coil
Prabhakar ch 8 months ago
chategorise fundamental & derived physical qwantity.mass,force,work,length acceleration,pressure mol,charge,current,time,luminious intensity,area,volume,strees
Dear student You must remember that there are only seven fundamental units andthese seven fundamental quantities of the SI system of units are length, mass, time, electric current,...
Bhavya 5 months ago
The quantities which use fundamental units ie the ones for which we have SI units. and the units which use combination of SI units they are called as Derived Physical Units
Sourabh Singh 5 months ago
what is the value of linear frequency?
What do you mean by value of linear frequency? Linear frequency can be any value of frequency in hertz.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
What do you mean by value of linear frequency? Linear frequency can attain any value of frequency.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
For the given incident ray ( refer to the image attached) the condition for total internal reflection of this ray the required refractive index of prism will be
the first equation is sin45×1=sin∂×Refractive index (snells law) 2.the second sin(90-∂)×refractive index=sin90×1 solve for refractive index
sunny 3 months ago
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