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In the circuit given in the figure the initial value of current through the battery on closing the circuit(i.e. K is pressed) is

ans: 0.3 A

can you please explain how?

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Siddarth

You did not include figure.Please include figure and ask again.

Please feel free to post as many doubts on our discussion forum as you can.we will get you the answer and detailed  solution very  quickly.

All the best.

Askiitians Experts
Prudhvi Teja


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6 years ago

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a ring spinning about its own axis in a magnetic field induces no emf. why so?
flux will not change through the ring...
sarvesh 6 months ago
what is mutual inductance?Describe the ways in which Eddy currents are used to advantage?
mutual inductance is a phenomena in which the flux is induced in the coil from another coil in which ac current is flowing through and thus, conducts current and the change in flux induces...
Vikas TU 2 months ago
What is Lenz law explain it briefly thanku ?????????????
Lenz's law obeys Newton's third law of motion (i.e to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction) and the conservation of energy (i.e energy may neither be created...
Riddhish Bhalodia 8 months ago
lenz law is the direction of an induced emf that always opposes thenchanges in magnetic flux that causes. This law gives the direction of induced emf. It is a consequence of law of...
mounika 8 months ago
what is R-L circuit? what is it’s main objective? give brief description about R-L circuit/ and explain about it’s features
Dear Student, Please refer to the following link for your answer: Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 7 months ago
What is the the angle between vector( Vector P & Q )
Sourabh Singh 23 days ago
the angle between the two vectors is 150 degrees. ,.............................................................
Y MANJUNADH 23 days ago
) A 12 kW heater having efficiency 80% is connected to a 220 V, 50 Hz supply. Find the reactive component of the input current if its power factor is 0.75 lagging.
Power actual = 0.8 * 12 => 9.6 KW = > 9600 Watt. 9600 = Irms x 220/root2 x 0.75 Irms = 82.2690 A. the reactive current and resistance current would be same as in series .
Vikas TU 28 days ago
a wheel of perimeter 4 Pi m is rolling on a horizontal surface. The displacement of the point of contact of wheel and ground when the wheel completes one quarter of revolution is
See , the perimeter of wheel is 4 pi meter. So, each rotaion the wheel makes, it goes a distance 4 pi meter. So, the quarter of a revolution makes the displacement = (4 pi / 4) meter = pi...
KAPIL MANDAL 2 months ago
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  • Electricity and Magnetism
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