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				   Plz Explain me Electric current property..

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


An electric current is a flow of microscopic particles called ELECTRONS flowing through wires and electronic components.

It can be likened to the flow of water through pipes and radiators etc.

As water is pushed through pipes by a pump, electric current is pushed through wires by a battery.

Hot water does work by heating radiators.

Electric current does work by heating fires, lighting lamps, ringing bells, electroplating etc.

A basic law of the universe is that like charges repel and unlike attract. Two negatives will repel each other. A negative and a positive will attract each other.

An electron has a negative charge.

The negative (-ve) terminal of a battery will push negative electrons along a wire.

The positive (+ve) terminal of a battery will attract negative electrons along a wire.

Electric current will therefore flow from the -ve terminal of a battery, through the lamp, to the positive terminal.

7 years ago

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A potentiometer wire of 10m length and 20 ohm resistance is connented in series with a resistance “R” ohms and a battery of emf 2V , negligeble internal resistance , potential gradient on...
Write first the total resistance = R current in the circuit would be = V/R remaining voltage/m = > 2/10 = 0.2 Volt/meter.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
What is the difference btw current amplification factor and current gain? How is it inCE and CB?
@ nayana The current amplification factor can be defined as the ratio of the output current to the ratio of the input current . when the current will be flowing in any devices , it will...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
electric current means?
@ babi electric current , we can define it as the flow of electrons or the charge carriers per unit cross sectional area . its unit are in ampere . u can use the besic formula to answer and ...
Umakant biswal 2 months ago
Electric current is the flow of charges that is flow of elctrons which causes the current to flow in the direction opposite to the flow of elctrons.
Vikas TU 2 months ago
When the rest mass of photon become zero. Please explain this
Photon has a rest mass of 0. To understand the above statement we need to know what the term rest mass actually means. Rest mass is the mass of the particle when measured by an observer who ...
Manas Shukla 6 days ago
Is it possible to break water into Hydrogen andOxygen using photocatalysts?If yes, How does it work?
Yes, Artificial or natural light is used to break down the H2O into oxygen and hydrogen atoms constituents using photocatalysts. Things required to do so are: water Photocatalyst solar...
Vikas TU 13 days ago
if i fire a bullet in space it will move forever (assuming it won't hit any celestial object and doesn't get caught by any aliens). But will it accelerate forever and reach 0.99c or will it ...
I think it won’t acclerate. It will move at velocity at which it was fired because for accl n u need constant force but after firing bullet will experience no (net) force hence no accl n...
Paras Verma 3 months ago
Nothing which has measurable mass goes faster than light . Even gases observed orbiting the blackhole rarely reach .90c . Now to the question there is no force acting on the bullet after it ...
Manas Shukla one month ago
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  • Complete Physics Course - Class 11
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