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                   why should ac current is a vector quantity but dc current is a scalar quantity

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


Electricity may be static or dynamic (electric current)
Static electricity is scalar though it can be + or - signs, but nothing other than that.

Coming to current electricity, the dc current is scalar, as it has only one sign and does not get resolved.

Alternating current is vector. The current and voltages are not in the same direction always. Consider a capacitor for example, it may have a voltage of 100 V applied to it and might have current of 0.1 Amperes, but the power is still zero as the phase difference between current and voltage in case of capacitor is 90 degrees. In resistor it is 0 degrees. If you have series connection of capacitor and resistor, the angle between voltage and current will be between zero and 90 degrees.
The current can be resolved in direction of voltage and quadrature to it. Therefore, the alternating current is a vector.

5 years ago

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How does current flow inside a wire?
How does current flow inside a wire?
Shivanand 2 months ago
Shivanand 2 months ago
Shivanand 2 months ago
see the attachment..
i think there is some mis printing in question it must be 100 ohm instead of 10 ohm and then on proceeding we get answer 100ohm calculate total resistance by using parallel and then series...
ng29 3 months ago
very simple question use series and paralles to calculate out the resistance in the given voltometre
grenade 3 months ago
what is drift speed???
The drift velocity is the average velocity that a particle, such as an electron, attains due to an electric field. In general, an electron will 'rattle around' randomly in a...
Raheema Javed 9 months ago
if the angle between the pass axis of polariser and analyser is 45 degree write the ratio of intensities of orginal light and the transmitted light after passing through the analyser
Let the intensity of the original light is I 0 . In acoordance to Malu’s law, the intensity of transmitted light after passing through the analyser will be, I (θ) = I 0 cos 2...
Biswajit Das 5 months ago
an electron and a proton enter a magnetic field with same velocity then their acceleration will be?
The force acting on them is F= e(v×B) . Now, charges of electron and proton have opposite sign. Again from Newtons law, F=ma where a is the acceleration. So, e(v×B)=ma. a=e(v×B)/m Now,...
KAPIL MANDAL 4 months ago
chapter 9 q. no.59 in second equation there is an external friction force but we apply conservation of momentum how it is possible PLESE HELP
which book? Could you attach a photo of your doubt?
Neeti one month ago
Yes Yes i know that. i read a few articles and they state that DURING the collision, (while the collision is happening) , the time interval is very short. the collision happens very quickly ...
Neeti one month ago
Yeah it says that the collision is perfectly elastic so we’re supposed to conserve momentum but frictional force is there. have you tried the question by applying conservation of momentum?...
Neeti one month ago
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