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please tell me what does this symbol in a circuit diagram represent

5 years ago


Answers : (1)




As Told you earlier , two parallel lines in a circuit diagram represents a capacitor so it may also represents a capacitor with some material (other than air) filled between them

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5 years ago

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What is the statement of WHEAT STONE BRIDGE?????????????????????
Gowri Sankar, Wheat stone bridge is the four arms are engaged with four resistors and one is unknown resistor.To know the resistance of unknown resistor we used the wheat stone bridge.
SAI SARDAR 9 months ago
Dear Gowri Shankar A wheat stone is a electrical circuit used to measure the an unknown electrical resistance by balancing two legs of a bridge circuit ,one leg which includes the unknown...
Prabhakar ch 9 months ago
Hello Shankar, Definition of Wheatstone bridge . : an electrical bridge consisting of two branches of a parallel circuit joined by a galvanometer and used for determining the value of an...
SAI SANDY 9 months ago
two wires of equal length but different cross sectional area A 1 and A 2 and specific resistance ρ 1 and ρ 2 are joined in parallel .the equivalent specific resistance is given as___(ans:ρ...
We have length of resistances R1 and R2 = l. Area of cross section A1 and A2 resp of R1 and R2 Specific resistances ρ1 and ρ2 resp of R1 and R2 We have R eq = (R1.R2)/(R1+R2) Where R1=...
Keshav Yadav 12 days ago
Find the equivalent resistance between A And Din this circuit
The loop ABCDA shown in the circuit is a Wheatstone bridge circuit( r ab /r ad = r bc /r dc ) in which points B and D are at same potential i.e, V b = V d . Hence no current will flow in...
Raman Mishra one month ago
sir ,can you please explain me the TENSION TRICK with digrams and examples??
U can remmebr this directly for wedge problem, anet = (g – a)/(g + a) T = manet => m* (g – a)/(g + a) N.
2017 years ago
Whatis the Geometric optics?
The branch of optics which deals ray behavioure of light.
Gavvala Ganesh one year ago
Geometrical optics, or ray optics , describes light propagation in terms of rays. The ray in geometric optics is an abstraction, or instrument, useful in approximating the paths along which ...
KARTHIK one year ago
The branch of optics which deals ray behavioure of light.
SHANMUKESHWAR one year ago
A body moving with uniform retardation covers 3km before it`s speed is reduced to half of its initial value it comes to rest in another distance of ?
let us suppose that its initial velocity = u using equation of motion v 2 =u 2 +2as (u/2) 2 = u 2 =2*a*3000 (value of final velocity is haif he initial taht is u/2 and s = 3 km =3000m) (u 2 ...
Ankit Jaiswal one month ago
using 3 rd law of eqn. (u/2)^2 = u^2 – 2*a*3000 -3u^2/4 = – 6000a u^2 = 8000a...................(1) when it comes to rest, 0^2 = (u/2)^2 – 2as 2as = u^2/4 as = u^2/8 or s =...
Vikas TU one month ago
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