when a steelcored reactor and a non rective resistor

 are connected in series to a 150v a.c.,supply a

 current of 3.75A flows in the circuit. the p.d

across the rector and resistor are found to be

120V and 60V respictively. If the d.c resistance

of the reactor are found to be 4.5ohm,determine

the core loss in the reactor and calculate 

its equivalent series resistance


ANS: 77.5W,5.5ohms.

plz solve this

thank you

4 years ago


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Hi, The work done would be the difference of energy stored in the capacitors before and affter the connection. Use this approach to find out the...
Shobhit Varshney 3 months ago
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Sher Mohammad 8 months ago
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Its working is based on the phenomena of electric oscillations. The electric energy oscillates between two forms electrostatic potential energy of the capacitor and magnetic energy of the...
BAYANA SAGAR one year ago
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