when a steelcored reactor and a non rective resistor

 are connected in series to a 150v a.c.,supply a

 current of 3.75A flows in the circuit. the p.d

across the rector and resistor are found to be

120V and 60V respictively. If the d.c resistance

of the reactor are found to be 4.5ohm,determine

the core loss in the reactor and calculate 

its equivalent series resistance


ANS: 77.5W,5.5ohms.

plz solve this

thank you

4 years ago


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the figure shows a network of resistances in which the point A is earthed
Dear student, Can you please upload the figure for the question. When a point is earthed, the potential of the point becomes equal to zero. So, we can find the net resistance of the circuit...
Sumit Majumdar 4 months ago
power of a cell
Power of bulb P = 4.5 V Voltage in bulb = 1.5 V Current in the bulb i will be equla to 2E / 9 2E /9 = P / V E = 9P/2V E = 9*4.5/2*1.5 E = 13.5 V Regards Nirmal Singh Askiitians Faculty
Nirmal Singh. 4 months ago
I have attended all lectures of current electricity in my iit coaching institute, but i am unable to solve assignments & dpp’s of this perticular chapter only. Whereas I have learnt all...
you have attended all lectures ofcurrent electricityin coacyour hing institute, but you are unable to solve assignments & dpp’s , because your concepts are weak you have to read...
Sher Mohammad 5 months ago
Why theres a phase reversal when wave reflects from denser surface but no phase reversal when it reflects from rarer surface?
Hello Student, If a wave reflects from an optically more dense medium than the one in which it was travelling (e.g when going from air to glass) then a phase change of π is produced,...
Arun Kumar 5 months ago
plz explain the working principle of galvanometer?
Galvanometer is an electromechanical instrument which is used for the detection of electric currents through electric circuits. Being a sensitive instrument, Galvanometer can not be used for...
Nirmal Singh. 9 months ago
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