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when a steelcored reactor and a non rective resistor

 are connected in series to a 150v a.c.,supply a

 current of 3.75A flows in the circuit. the p.d

across the rector and resistor are found to be

120V and 60V respictively. If the d.c resistance

of the reactor are found to be 4.5ohm,determine

the core loss in the reactor and calculate 

its equivalent series resistance


ANS: 77.5W,5.5ohms.

plz solve this

thank you

4 years ago


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I have attended all lectures of current electricity in my iit coaching institute, but i am unable to solve assignments & dpp’s of this perticular chapter only. Whereas I have learnt all...
you have attended all lectures ofcurrent electricityin coacyour hing institute, but you are unable to solve assignments & dpp’s , because your concepts are weak you have to read...
Sher Mohammad 11 months ago
Is ncert examples important for all the chapters???Plzzzz.....reply fast...
Not all examples are important but it would be beneficial to solve all NCERT example beacuase they are concept orientied.So try to solve all NCERT example problem.It is also beneficial for...
Sunil Kumar FP 5 months ago
you should solve more example problems given in text books which will be usefull in mains mainly its important in chemistry because there will be some direct questions from that.
Abhishek 5 months ago
How to find P.D. b/w A&B and B&C.??
pl. illustrate the question correctly
redmi 20 days ago
wh question
Nicho priyatham 20 days ago
Dear Sir How to remember the equations in electrostatics.
learn them byhard dont become overconfident by deciding to derive in exam its dangerious PLZ APPROVE if useful
Nicho priyatham 21 days ago
what is optimum velocity
Dear student, Please elaborate on the question. Optimum velocity is the velocity with which the body should be moving so that it can attain all the processes. For example there is optimum...
Sumit Majumdar 10 months ago
what is the meaning of deformation in ellastic collision
jatinjha 10 months ago
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