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sandeep jumrani Grade: 12

kirchoffs law


7 years ago

Answers : (2)

Rahul askIITiansExpert.IITR
110 Points
										Kirchhoff's Current Law
      At every node, the sum of all currents entering a node must equal zero. What
      this law means physically is that charge cannot accumulate in a node; what
      goes in must come out.

Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (KVL)

      The voltage law says that the sum of voltages around every closed loop in the circuit
      must equal zero. A closed loop has the obvious definition: Starting at a node, trace
      a path through the circuit that returns you to the origin node. KVL expresses the fact
      that electric fields are conservative: The total work performed in moving a test charge
      around a closed path is zero.

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Rahul- IIT Roorkee
6 years ago
madhu voleti
44 Points

Kirchhoff's voltage rule:-

If several souces of emf and several resistors are connected in some complicated circuit with severl branches,then the currents will flow along several alternative paths.Kirchhoff's voltage rule can be applied to any loop in the complicated circuit.

Mainly the two Kirchoff's rules are

1.Kirchoff's current rule (or) Junction theorem

2.Kirchoff's Voltage rule


1.Kirchoff's current rule (or) Junction theorem:-

sum of the currents entering the Junction at any point is equal to sum of the currents leaving same junction.


The Algebraic sum of all currents at any Junction in the circuit is Zero




2.Kirchoff's Voltage rule

sum of the emf source  is equal to the sum of the potential difference across the resistor


The Algebraic sum of all the potential difference across all the elements in closed loop is Zero






Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!

Wish you happy learning of  Electricity.

6 years ago
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