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Calculate Equivalent Resistance Across AB and ADResistance

5 years ago


Answers : (1)

                                        Use the concept of delta to star connection to simplify the network. Then the required resistances can be calculated easily.
2 months ago

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XPLAIN Lenz’s law
the polarity of induced emf is always such that it tends to produce a current which opposes the change in magnetic flux that produced it lenz law is xplained by using law of conservation of ...
noogler 2 months ago
H.F. Lenz discovered a simple law giving the direction of the induced current produced in a circuit. Lenz’s law states that the induced current produced in a circuit always flows in such a...
Gman Namg 2 months ago
Lenz's law is simple and a common way of understanding how electromagnetic circuits obey Newton's third law and the conservation of energy. and it says: If an induced current flows, its...
rahul 2 months ago
find equivalent resistance
sorry typing mistake... find the eq. resistance betweem a and c
TANISHA 4 months ago
Can you mention Equivalent resistance between what points?
Karthik 4 months ago
between a and b
TANISHA 4 months ago
If a man attempts to fly from the roof of the flat which has 38 floors, can the man use his formal shirt as a parachute to land safely on the ground?
The shirt cannot be used as it won`t provide the necessary area needed by the man to land safely. Greater the area he`s associated with, more the viscous force due to air and the landing is...
Neeti one month ago
I don't think so. The object being used shoud have a very large surface area for proper drag force else you'll hit the ground before you know it and the collision will be deadly
Neeti one month ago
The shirt may tear if he use it has a parachute.
VINEETH N one month ago
Define electro static force
it is the force that originate when two charged particles are made in contact with each other and the resultant force is electrostatic force f=kq1q2/r*r
jatin garg 18 days ago
PLEASE ..... if u like my answer and my answer is use full for you so please just click on approve button ...and if you have any other question or dought keep asking
Gayatri Jayesh Bondriya one month ago
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