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Calculate Equivalent Resistance Across AB and ADResistance

5 years ago


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In the following image,please explain how the resistors R1, R2, R3 are connected in parallel? Please explain in simple words.
Circuit diagram is not given.. For parallel connection, Potential drop must be same in the connection....
Saurabh Kumar 16 days ago
why same current flow in each resistor becaue resistor decreases the current ?
Current gets splitted only at junctions and across these resistors only voltage decrease coz they are coonnected in series
erra akhil 11 days ago
​fourty electric bulbs are connected in series across a 220V supply.After one bulb is fused the remaining 39 are connected again in series across same supply.The %with which the illumination...
Percentage change in the illumination will be relatve change in the voltage drop across one resistance of bulb (before when bulbs are 40 and after when no of bulbs are 39). Lets proceed to...
Saurabh Kumar 7 months ago
A wire is lying on a fixed inclined wedge of angle ‘theta’. A magnetic field is normal to the plane. Find the magnetic field if the wire is carrying a current i and the surface of the...
Force acting down the incline force weight component. Force acting up the incline plane, force of friction along with magnetic force. Proceed in this way and calculate the force.. Good...
Saurabh Kumar 2 months ago
how many megacoulombs of +ve charge are present in 2 moles of neutral hydrogen gas
In 2 moles of nuetral hydrogen there are 12.046 * 10^23 atoms and hence that many number of protons. 1 proton has a positive charge of 1.6 * 10^-19 Columbs . Hence by multiplying both we get...
noneool 16 days ago
A small block of mass m held compressed against a spring as shown in the figure. The spring has force constant of k such that mg/k = 3m. After releasing the block it collides a spheres of...
Let Velocity of sphere Just After collision be = v 1 Let Velocity of sphere Just Before collision be = u 1 = 0 Let Velocity of Block Just After collision be = v 2 Let Velocity of Block Just...
Aakash one month ago
you must specify the distance between end of spring and the rod
daksh one month ago
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