Calculate Equivalent Resistance Across AB and ADResistance

4 years ago


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As I am Not Taught with Electronics and iam going to attend a Examination based on Electics can anyone kindly provide me a material of Theory of it Thanks
Specify on which ypou want material and examination pattern
P V V Satyanarayana 10 months ago
how to solve questions based on kirchoffs law with capacitors and inductors where in only the capacitance and inductance and the voltage of the battery is given to us .... please illustrate...
now this is the general case .....we have a voltage source, a resistance , a capacitor and an inductor. Kirchhoff law says that for a mesh the sum of voltages should be zero ( in a loop) so...
Saurabh Singh 7 months ago
thank u soo much saurabh sir.. for this wonderful explanation
saarah thames 4 months ago
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE The primary winding of a transformer has 500 turns whereas its secondary has 5000 turns. The primary is connected to an A.C. supply of 20 V, 50...
(d) The transformer converts A.C. high voltage into A.C. low voltage, but it does not cause any change in frequency. The formula for voltage is
Simran Bhatia 9 months ago
umer shafi 8 months ago
The value of |avector cross icap|^2+|avector cross jcap|^2 + |avector cross kcap| is a^2 2a^2 3a^2 None of these
Let vector a be So first let us see so, . In similar ways and Therefore, .
Apoorva Arora one month ago
A double ionized Lithium atom is hydrogen-like with atomic number 3. (i) Find the wavelength of the radiation required to excite the electron in Li ++ form the first to the third Bohr orbit....
Hello Student, Please find the answer to your question . (i) E n = - 13.6 / n 2 Z 2 eV / atom For Li 2+ , Z = 3 ∴ E n = - 13.6 x 9 / n 2 eV / atom ∴ E 1 = - 13. 6 x 9 / 1 and E...
Kevin Nash 2 months ago
It seems that no one wishes to answer my question. I have posted the question so many times but despite that no one answers my questions. Please see to it that the questions are answered as...
Hi Pushkar, I have answered some of your questions from the general physics category. Our experts are continuously working to provide appropriate answers to you and if by mistake your...
Apoorva Arora one month ago
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