Calculate Equivalent Resistance Across AB and ADResistance

4 years ago


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equalent resistance please solve the following question
Dar Ashwin The case illustrated is a case of infinite series whose each repeating step is double the prior step. Let the R eq =r (let) then the equivalent resistance after the first sep may...
shashi K Sharma one month ago
Figure: The potential difference between A and B will be what? Ans. 12 V
let potential at middle junction be x. since the current coming out of two arms from point b is 3 A and 4A , by kirchoff`s 1st law, the current flowing between x and B is 7A. now moving from...
Revant Buch 6 months ago
why a magnetic field is produced when electricity passes through a wire????
The electric and magnetic fields are reference frame dependent and thus intertwined and hence one speaks ofelectromagneticfields. Special relativity provides the transformation rules for how...
Ashish Gupta one month ago
A pulse travelling on a string is represented by the function Y = a^3/((x-vt)^2+a^2 ). Where a = 5 mm and v = 20 cm s-1. Sketch the shape of the string at t = 0, 1 s and 2 s. Take x = 0 in...
Sol. The pulse is given by, y = [(a3) / {(x – vt)2 + a2}] a = 5 mm = 0.5 cm, v = 20 cm/s At t = 0s, y = a3 / (x2 + a2) The graph between y and x can be plotted by taking different values of...
Deepak Patra 4 months ago
why tyre of train with electromagnetic breakes is an example for varying magnetic field in the case of varying area, in the the moving loop?
If a solid conductor moves through moves through a magnetic field(constant or varying) then cuurents can also be induced in any closed loop in conductors.This is called as eddy conductors....
Aziz Alam one month ago
how does angle of incidence vary with angle of deviation?
The formula that you gave, namely (1) ..... n = { sin[(A + D)/2] }/sin(A/2) is true only for the angle of incidence θ that gives an angle of refraction α such that α = A/2...
Harishwar 28 days ago
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