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Calculate Equivalent Resistance Across AB and ADResistance

6 years ago


Answers : (1)

										Use the concept of delta to star connection to simplify the network. Then the required resistances can be calculated easily.
one year ago

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Define ohm’s law?
Ohms law is the besic law in electric current which is given by george simon ohm, it states that when the equilibrium condition is maintained and with constant temp and pressure the...
Umakant biswal 8 months ago
Dear Students, We noticed that some students are copying and pasting same answer that has posted by previous users. Also, they are creating multiple account to post question and then...
Forum Team 10 months ago
The predominant equation which pervades the study of electric circuits is the equation ΔV = I • R In words, the electric potential difference between two points on a circuit ( ΔV ) is...
SAI SARDAR 10 months ago
How to find equivalent resistance without using Kirchhoff law????
You can use symmetry or any other geometrical property if its applicable else krichoffslaw is the only solution to find out equivalent resistance
Sourabh Singh 3 months ago
find the values of V3 and V4....
voltage is given across the elements with polarities right. if all the elements voltages are known around the loop then, kvl can be applied this way. start from one point and go in any...
vinodh kumar 9 months ago
what is the mutual conductance........please expain it?
Dear Sreenivas, Mutual conductance is the magnetic flux is created in one coil influenced by the another coil present in magnetic field.
SAI SARDAR 5 months ago
The phenomenone in which an emf is induced in the secondary coil due to the change of magnetic flux in the primary coil
Prabhakar ch 5 months ago
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