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Calculate Equivalent Resistance Across AB and ADResistance

4 years ago


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The flow of electrisity is considered as opposite to the flow of Electrons? Why?
The labeling of one polarity of charge as "positive" and the other as "negative" is totally arbitrary. It could be done either way and everything would still work out the...
Harishwar 6 months ago
What is the necessity of a starter? Can a single pole-switch replace it?
Most smaller, single phase motors usually have a permanent magnet armature that is pushed / pulled around by the rotating inductive field produced by the stator (outside) windings. The...
Saurabh Kumar 6 months ago
Hi, A motor starter usually has an overload heater incorporated into it. A single pole switch does not have that type of protection. There are many brands of fractional motor starter...
Shobhit Varshney 6 months ago
power of a cell
Power of bulb P = 4.5 V Voltage in bulb = 1.5 V Current in the bulb i will be equla to 2E / 9 2E /9 = P / V E = 9P/2V E = 9*4.5/2*1.5 E = 13.5 V Regards Nirmal Singh Askiitians Faculty
Nirmal Singh. 9 months ago
what is the magnetic moment of disc?
Hiii I'll accept the non-conducting breadth of charge: dQ = σ dA dQ = σ (2 π r dr) Period of revolution: T = 2 π / ω differential current: di = dQ / Δt =...
Sourabh Singh 7 months ago
define pascal`s law?
Pascal’s Law: The law states that when there is an increase in pressure at any point in a confined fluid, there is an equal increase at every other point in the container. In the given...
Vasantha Kumari one year ago
Basically it it means that fluid that is in a container or confined space will expand into every possible space if it is put under pressure. An example of this would be if you were to...
Indu one year ago
a soap bubble get negatively wil affected its radius?
When Negative charge is given to the soap bubble then it will distribute over the surface and at each point there will be electrostatic force. it will repel each other until restoring force...
Nirmal Singh. 9 months ago
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