dear sir,

             im an sc student and want to know that by obtaining how much marks shold i be eligible for preparatory course incase seats are not fully filled.

4 years ago


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Dear Sandip,

You have to achieve the aggregate cut off.. and if you have failed to achieve a cut off in one of the individual sections, only then you can be offered a preparatory course.. that too a list of the highest scorers will be published... So marks needed will be close to the aggregate cut off for SC/ST.

I hope this solves your query...

Post any further doubts.. We are happy to help.

Wish you a very good luck... :) :)

AskIItian Expert
Charu Nigam

4 years ago

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is there branch change in BIT MESRA RANCHI from chemical to electronics
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to be in safe side u should book some good private colleges
Rak 4 months ago
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Badiuddin askIITians.ismu Expert 4 years ago
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