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dear sir,

             im an sc student and want to know that by obtaining how much marks shold i be eligible for preparatory course incase seats are not fully filled.

5 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Sandip,

You have to achieve the aggregate cut off.. and if you have failed to achieve a cut off in one of the individual sections, only then you can be offered a preparatory course.. that too a list of the highest scorers will be published... So marks needed will be close to the aggregate cut off for SC/ST.

I hope this solves your query...

Post any further doubts.. We are happy to help.

Wish you a very good luck... :) :)

AskIItian Expert
Charu Nigam

5 years ago

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hello sir and friends , which book is best for calculus for iit ???
Mathematics Book of calculus by ML Khanna was more effective for me. It were contained almost all porblems that you need to know with solutions. They are exhaustive and are not boring too(a ...
Aniket Goyal 16 days ago
Best prefer non Indian authors
grenade 16 days ago
IA maron and GN berman
grenade 17 days ago
My cbse board results have been announced. I have got 478 / 500 (95.6%). My marks in pcm are Physics : 95 chemistry : 96 maths : 95 My mains mark is 191. The askiitians rank predictor is...
with these marks your rank must be around 10000.
Abhinav one month ago
To get into NIT Trichy you must visit the official website of NIT, check out their cut off list, if your score fits into that, then you are in...otherwise there are many more renowned...
Ayushmaan Vardhan one month ago
ok, then what is my possibility of getting into nit trichy? My home state is tamil nadu.
Ravikiran one month ago
find the angle between the two st lines 3x=4y+7 and 5y=12x+6 and also the equations to the two lines which pass through the point (4,5) and make equal angles with the two given lines
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below, ........(1) ........(2) Angle between line 1 & 2 Let the slope of the line be ‘m’ + sign is not possible. Line...
Jitender Singh 11 months ago
Hello Student, There is a small mistake in the above answer. Sorry about that m = -7/9, 9/7
Jitender Singh 11 months ago
sir please tell what is the net resistance between points P and Q.
1/net resistance =1/R +1/R = 2/R net resistance = R/2 proided your pand q is located in the point as shown in your attachement.
Archita 5 days ago
total resistance in 5R/2 and not 2R/5 it is simple series and parallel circuit plz refer your scool textbooks it will have enough theory to sove this problem
Prajwal Kavad 5 days ago
the answer is 2R/5 iwant the solution how to find it.
manoj singh 5 days ago
What with that? Could you be more specific?...
Ravi 4 months ago
Hello Sir, What are the most scoring topics in IIT JEE for Chemistry. Please help me! Anita gupta
aldehydes/ketones and carboxylic acids/phenols/alcohols/p-block and d-block/f-block elements.
king one year ago
which is better iit roorkee cse or iit kanpur mechanical
IIT Roorkee CSE.Most of the students of mechanical don’t get placed even at the top IITs.
AKSHAT BHANDARI 11 months ago
sumesh singh one year ago
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