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exam schedule for iitjee 2013

3 years ago


Answers : (2)


every year iit is conducted on second sunday of may

3 years ago

There will be no JEE in 2013 . They are clubbing both IIT and AIEEE in 2013


3 years ago

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Dear Sir, I have heard from a few people that the CORRESPONDENCE study material of FIITJEE is BETTER than the CLASSROOM study package in terms of theory and questions. I was shocked on...
Obviously correspondence packets are more well prepared because thats the sole mean of teaching the subject. Hence they make the packages very carefully. In class rooms teachers are made to...
Abhishek Kumar 3 months ago
Normally, they cover all the questions given in the correspondence in various tests. And theory taught is obviouly far more detailed than given in the correspondence, unless your specific...
Abhishek Kumar 3 months ago
That would be better and safe ! You may access them from your friends or FIIT JEE office, you don’t hace to enroll for it separately.
Abhishek Kumar 3 months ago
what should i do in last 2 days for bitsat exams, practicing questions only or revise notes?
If you have confidence in your preparation then i’d suggest giving a mock test of bitsat. Bitsat is all about speed and practicing for it can be very helful. it will give you an idea of the ...
shubham sharda one month ago
i would recommend u to take a look on ur notes properly revise all organic chemistry and all formulaes like that of complex number and trigonometry dont miss optics and electrodynmics ....
ng29 one month ago
you should revise the notes properly and meditate so that you can be there with your optimum power to speed up the question read the necessary formulas best of luck approve if useful
grenade one month ago
I am getting civil engineering in iit kanpur this year from jee advanced 2015 but i am not getting mechanical eng in the same college so can i change my branch from civil to mechanical...
Its almost impossible to change the branch in second year, you need, 10/10 CPI and other things are also there....
Saurabh Kumar 22 hours ago
Sir what is spot round seat allocation.... Also branch upgradation available in pec chandigarh?
In spot round seat allocation, the vacant seat left after the couselling procedure are filled. The notification for the same is given by the institute itself. Branch upgradation is option of...
Vijay Mukti 15 hours ago
Hi Sir, I got Adv rank is obc 3175...Possible to iit seat? If possible which branch and area? Plz..
you may get in ism dhanbad metallurgy iit ropar architecture ask the question one time
2015 years ago
(a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 7 (d) 8
Hi, Please ask your question again... its not clear .
Vijay Luxmi Askiitiansexpert 5 years ago
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