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                   8-) Hi.... sir , PLZ HELP AND GUIDE ME , SO HERE IS STORY AND PROBLEM. i have taken coaching in 12th only nd wasnt able to give best ,Because my school pressurised ;( me a lot for boards and pre board , so m unable to qualify . So i decided to drop , for prepration at  home . Sir i want u to guide me :Dhow to prepare throughtout the year ,      Q1 ;  in how many months should i complete the course ? ?               Q2 ; Then in remaining months how many times should i revise ??  Or Q3 ;  should i give my more focus to problem solving i.e by doing fiitjee rsm problems and many more books ??                      Q4 ; Sir SHOULD i enrolled for any test series and if yes then which one ; sir i want to tell u a LITTLE PROBLEM here , that i live in small town , gernally the test center held by coaching institute is 5 hour away ;( from my home i.e chandigarh will it not waste my time , as u know m preparing at home , wat should i do ??                       i want to  take rank in top 500 ; PLZ GUIDE ME  , THERE IS LOTS OF HOPE FROM U , THANX IN ADVANCE ,  m waiting :|for ur reply

4 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Mohit,

No one can xactly tell you the no. of hours you musr study to get rank below 500.

Your  concepts must be very clear and must do quality study.

You can take help of ASKIITIAN website for test series and other helpful materials.


We are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

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4 years ago

Hey Mohit,

The number of hours you need to put in depends on your learning and understanding skills. As a suggestion I would like to tell you to focus on the concepts as much as possible. Be focussed and dont allow any distractions like living in a small city get to you.

If the test centres are too far away then you can give online tests. And if that is also not possible for you, then you can get test papers mailed to you(many institutes can do that) or you can buy a book with practise papers and solve these papers at home. While solving the papers it would be good if you can keep the time limit in mind.  

4 years ago

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FRom which grade is suitable to prepare for IIT exam
It is possible even when you start from the 11 th . But the present trend has changed and the students starts event from their 9 th or even from the 6 th .
Vijay Mukti 17 hours ago
should i take metallurgy or mining branch which would be benefecial
If ISM Dhanbad..go for Mines, otherwise Metallurgy.
Saurabh Kumar 28 days ago
recently i visited MNIT via ASM and saw that there were lot of fields in metallurgical dept and powder metallurgy is of the best field
grenade 28 days ago
dont go for metallurgy their are very no placements better go for mining u will get a central government job easily approve if useful
Nicho priyatham 27 days ago
i gt 115 marks in mains and 97%in telangana i have chances of getting into nit.i belong to obc amrita i gt 2825 rank.if at all i get what all nits are possible.
well use askiitian’s rank predictor and compare your pridicted rank with last years closeing ranks of various NIT’s you can get rank predictor at the following address :...
Abhinav one month ago
yes u are elegible i have confirmed my big brother for this he scored 96% and 130 marks in main paper best of luck for advance paper
grenade one month ago
what was his rank?/
goutham one month ago
Sir I got 61 in JEE MAINS and 85% in boards . I am from OBC category . Can i get CSE in NITs ?
Saurabh Kumar one month ago
Try to get admission at any of these – Maharashtra Inst of Tech, Pune,.....ICFAi uni, Jharkkhand,.....CVR College of engg, Hyderabad,....LPU, Phagwara
Aniket Bagga 25 days ago
My son got 110 marks in JEE mains in OBC CAtegory and having +2 score 966> Can he get seat in NIT ?
Rajkumar Seelam one month ago
Sir , out of BITS PILANI and DTU , which college / university is better in terms of placements and studies ? To study for BITSAT 2015 is NCERT enough or shall i adopt some other books too ? ...
In terms of Placements definitely BITS PILANI will be better as it well competent with IIT No ncert books are not enough. You need to take help books same as IIT JEE. GO through Following...
Harsh Patodia 3 months ago
Yes germany as i have mentioned will be perfect choice. BITSAT score is only accepted at BITS. Other renowened institutes don not accept bitsat score. Local colleges might take which...
Harsh Patodia 3 months ago
You are welcome
Harsh Patodia 3 months ago
Iam very much interested in getting into iit.....but wasted my precious class 11 and i wanted to join long term and struggle hard for iit it possible to crack iit below...
If you have not studied for the IIT JEE in your 11 th and 12 th. Then it is difficult for you and required full dedication and motivation towards your studieds. But if you have studied for...
Vijay Mukti 12 days ago
Nothing is impossible. Just you have to identify your caliber. Thats all!!
Vijay Mukti 11 days ago
Depending upon your confidence level, you can think of taking drop.
Vijay Mukti 12 days ago
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