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hello! i am a dropper and am prepairing for iit jee. what pattern of study should i adopt to get through jee? is there any specific way to study to crack  jee? what books to perfer as i have not much time and am a beginner ? is  fiitjee materials avilable in open market? i usually referTMH series for all subjects. is it enough?

7 years ago


Answers : (2)



Take a look at last two years IIT-JEE papers. See which topic has been given more weightage. Although it does not mean that the same topics will be given weightage next year as well, it should be a good indicator.

Since you have just finished class 12, I would recommend studying the Class 12 topics first.


Do Electrostatics, Electric current, Magnetics, and Optics first. Then do important Class 11 topics like Kinematics and gravitation. Since you have only one year, take care not to give too much time to any one topics and remain stuck there. Don't try too high level problems. Do problems from HC Verma's book. Try to just learn the concepts fast. If the concepts are thorough, you can solve any problem given sufficient time.

Then do modern physics, units and dimensions. Optics, interference and diffraction and magnetics, electromagnetic induction are very scoring I think. So be very clear with concepts in these topics. Give more importance to these.

Books - HC Verma. DC Pandey for topics not covered in HCV. Practice objective questions from TMH.


Start with Calculus. Complete calculus first. You will get an advantage here because you will most probably have Calculus in ECE 1st year also. Then do matrices. Then start Cordinate geometry. Then, do 3D Geometry and Vectors thoroughly. These 2 are very easy to learn and master, and they are very scoring.

After that do other topics.

Books - Objective maths by ML Khanna is very good. Do that also along with TMH.


Start with Organic chemistry. Keep studying Inorganic chemistry also side by side. Most of inorganic chemistry has to be learned by-heart so you have to keep revising it again and again. In organic, be very clear with all important reactions and their mechanisms. This is very important.

In physical chemistry, Stoichiometry, Gas laws and thermodynamics are easy. You should do them well. Then do Chemical and Ionic equilibrium.

I have given only a general schedule. But you can change it a bit if you like certain topics more than others. e.g. if you like P&C and probability, then you can concentrate on that, but I did not mention it because many students find those topics tough.

Most importantly, join at least two full test series from good coaching institutes. Dont miss any test. Carefully solve the full paper after each test and analyze it fully.

Books - SP Sanyal for reaction mechanisms in organic chem,  Bahadur for Physical chem and OP Tandon + NCERT for Inorganic

7 years ago

Hi arushai ,


The main important tool to crack JEE is planning and constant hard work with consistency. With all these u must analyze yourself through test series, which will definitely help you  to improve very much….

Old FIITJEE material is also in open market. With this you can refer,

For Physics

1. D.C pandey Series ( A set of Five Books),

2. H.C Verma

For Chemistry

1. P. Bhadur

2. Golden Bell series

3. O.P Tondon

For Math’s

1. TMH

2. Objective Mathematics by R.D Sharma

Wish you all the best


7 years ago

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