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is it possible to join coaching for ias prep. from the very first year of my btech?

my branch is textile technology in iit delhi, supposed to be comparatively easy.

will i be having sufficient time to do my btech and coaching simultaneously?

plz achche se samjha dijiye?

7 years ago


Answers : (2)

										hi prashant,

first of all congratatlations for cracking jee n getting into iit delhi as it is d top engg coll according to india today ..........

Regarding ur ias preparation , i wud suggest u dat best time for preparation is from d 1st year end as u will get 3 months free time which can be utilised properly for dis purpose n der is n't any need of 4 year programmes .

u can prepare 1 subject in 6-8 months wid d help of any coaching n regarding ur query abt gud coaching, i wud suggest u dat first of all u select ur subjects n den u can easily find coaching of dat subject n also iit delhi has a rich tradition for ias , so u will get gr8 fudas from ur seniors atleast choose ur subject of interest before going der...

7 years ago

Textile coaching is not a bad branch at all at IIT Delhi...

Yeah well, for your answer weather u CAN prepare for IAS allong with your B>Tech from the very first year..

The answer is YES.. There are number of coachings that provide coaching facilities to IIT Delhi students near IIT d at places like Kaalu sarai, Jia sarai, etc.. So there are numerous coaching centres.. To tell you very truly this was my major reason as why i chose IIT d as my college. No other IIT is blessed with these facilities...

SO congrates U can...

As far as your branch's easyness is concerned.. No it is NOT atleast not in the first year.. Listen, The first Semester when you come here will be consumed in just understanding to be a part of college and of hostel.. Really you will have to do what your seniors tell ou to. So dont even think about joing in the first sem.

As far as the second sem is concerned, let me tell you the second sem of Textile tech and cilvil at IIT d is the considered the toughest..

The third semester onwards, that is when I will suggest you to join these coachings... In addition you will begin to understand a new whole life..

So thats when I'll suggest you to join some coaching.... Waise bhi  Why so serious abt IAS now only.. Pehle dekh toh lo if u can hadle it after you come to IIT..

Do not take academics of IIT Delhi as one of the easiest. Thats what most of the students who come here have an illusion.. Its not that.. IIT Delhi system of academics is just second to IIT kanpur in terms of it being toughest..

So BEST OF LUCK and we hope for a pleasant stay at IIT Delhi...


7 years ago

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SAHIL 2 months ago
is RD Sharma enough for jee mains as 20 -25 questions in jee main are picked directly from rd sharma
SAHIL one month ago
Yeah RD sharma is bible. But dont ignore ncert and ncert exempler. Also go for previous year papers and questions it will improve your score. Hope it helps. tHnks
Shreyas Patil one month ago
I appeared in JEE Mains in 2015 but I couldn`t make it upto any NIT So I dropped a yr.But I missed JEE Mains 2016 due to some health problems Niw plz tell me Am I eligible for appearing in...
@ zeron yes , u are elligible for it . jee main have maximum 3 attempts that too have to take in consecutive years . and as u are taking it in consucutive years then u are elligible . but...
Umakant biswal 2 months ago
Yeah you are eligible for giving your jee mains in 2017. An pass out of 12 th from 2015 or 2016 is eligible. But 2014 passout is not eligible. Hope it helps. Do approve my answer.
Shreyas Patil 2 months ago
ECE in IGDTUW or Engineering Physics in DTU?
I think engg. in physics in DTU.
Akshit Matthew one year ago
ECE in IGDTUW would be better
AKSHAY SHARMA one year ago
sir i have got 352029 rank in jee mains 2015 nd my category is general of uttar pradesh then sir which good colleges i get on behalf of this rank
Yes you may apply at renowned colleges/universities which have earned a very good image in the field of quality education and better placements,.....these instituions may be considered –...
Soneel Verma one year ago
You can try for local/state colleges around your state.
Archit Sharma one year ago
i feel i lack basics in science .i dont have an idea on how to tackle an entrance exam.iam spenting whole year preparing for iit jee.i lack confidence.
Please share your contact details. One of IITians from our team will be in touch with you and guide you properly.
Harsh Patodia one month ago
@ pratyusha what exactly u want to know , and LET me know the reason for your lack of confidence > ? is their any perticular thing that create lack of confidence . one thing u have to...
Umakant biswal one month ago
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