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sir, whenever i solve questions on a topic..... which many find easy and wen i try to solve the questions, i get stuck... i get frustrated that i am not even able to do problems that seem simple to many.... what is the solution to this problem? also..... does studying for jee mean only study.. study and study for 2 years without anything else? please help me to make a time table... i hv tuitions 6 days a week........ on m w f i my maths tuition is on 4:30 and 6:30.......... 4 30 maths and 6 30 chemistry....... on t t s i hv physics frm 5:30 to 7.... my skool is near my home.... i cum back and reach home by 2:15.... school frm 8 2 2



6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Do not take tension. You are not the only one to face it. Every one faces it. Even I do face it. But my own chem teacher solved my this problem and I would like to share the suggestion with you.


At the end of the day note down subject wise what you did that day. then put that date on it and create a column below it  as

phy                          chem                                                             mths

dot product                ionization enthalpy                                      write the topic you did that day                date 14 july


at school(or tutions)

14 july

15 july

20 july (after one week)

20aug(one month)

20 nov(3 mths)

20 may 2011 (6 mths)

20 nov 2011(6 mths)

20 may 2012( 6 mths)

each day represents the day for revision of that topic. Do follow it strictly. This would help you to reduce your burden and would organize your work. Even I follow it. This works as a memory empowerment technique as well. and the biggest thing to keep in mind is that DO NOT TAKE TENSION

Put your best............................ALLTHE BEST

Do approve if you like it





6 years ago

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