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I have got AIR 1449 in IITJEE . As per previous year's cutoffs , I can get Electronics (Dual Degree surely ) in IIT Roorkee , and have chances of getting Electronics B.Tech in Roorkee and Kharagpur . On the other hand I can get Aerospace and engg. phy. in some of the top 5 IITs . Is IIT roorkee comparable to the top 5 ? Also , I have heard that closing ranks can come down because the seats are increasing this year , is it true , do i stand a chance of getting electrical/electronics in the top 5 iits ??? I want to pursue Space Research in future , though  I am not too sure about it.

6 years ago


Answers : (3)

I do not is a great idea to pursue space technology..because money is less and also you will loss interest in between...then what you will do....doing electronics and communication is good idea.if you get it...
Generally, cs is prefered by student becoz it will provide good packages..and top jobs also goes to them...but i have seen people doing ece or ee and learning coding in free tym...and getting cs jobs....job market for software job is huge as compare to ee jobs..but from reputed can check placements of different iits, also syllabus of different iits...on line..
also one can opt for mathematics and computing...from IIT guhawati....
i will prefer...kgp over other iit..>IITR>IIT bhu ( for ee)
electronics (ece) over ee.. any time..syllabus is updated for ece according to present job scenario....
take a conselling session with counselor...paid will only take 500 bucks..
4 months ago
iiit bhu 5 yrs computer course will be choice
only advantage of taking ee or ece over cse is IES service
4 months ago
in present world secario, brand name matters, if you are from iit bombay or iit Delhi then you will succed in life with civil as well as chemical engg..course does not matter much...see the example rahul yadv of iit bombay..most of the technocrats are from good are luck that you can get a opportunity to study in iit delhi and iit bombay..both the place are awesome..exposure is also other iit exposure is not will suffer alot in term of exposure...if one want to be sundar in good iit like iit delhi or iit is a good place to be...and enjoy your can get good packages in iit delhi and iit investment banking and branch is totally saturated...there is nothing left....i have seen people doing cs and then doing civil service, preparing for ies service this will be totally is moving for engg jobs to management jobs...where course like civil and chemical egg..provide you good course design is very nice..if you are from iit delhi and iit bombay can get admission in harvard and oxford..if you are from other will be difficult to they only consider application for itt delhi and iit is good if person remian in iit delhi or bombay...there is not point in doing ee mathematics and computing as course structure is for these course is in infant stage....lot work is need to be done to improve go for established itt delhi and iit matter of your once you are in itt delhi and can go to states for offshore placement..there offshore plaecement in other iits..
4 months ago

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i scored 164 marks in jee main 2016 . can i get BSD branch in iiit hydrabad in 4 th round . last year 4 th round cutt off was 150 marks
yes then there are good chances of getting this branch this year also
Nishant Vora 3 months ago
you must go for roorkee college of engineering roorkee. This college providing you 3 years Bsc courses in Agriculture and forestery. in different fields like petroleum engineering,...
Amit Kumar Singh 3 months ago
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Umakant biswal 24 days ago
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Shreyas Patil 24 days ago
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SAITEJA GOUD one year ago
i hav got 133 mains and 98% in boards.Can i get a seat in NIT-K (suratkal Karnataka).Which other good colleges can i get?
As per 60-40 rule for ranking and in GEN cat, its very rare to get NIT K.., because score in JEE Main is quiet low... As per state quota, might be (although very rare chance) you get any...
Saurabh Kumar 5 months ago
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