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				   Dear sir,

I appeared for BITSAT-2010 on 14/05/2010 at SOM-Lalit, Ahmedabad. During test suddenly crusher came out of the system. I tried to login again but could not log in. I called on supervisor who was out side the computer lab. He saved my answers and through his password he rectified the computer system & get started the system rigth. My valuable @12-15 minutes were wasted as timer was on. I asked concerned supervisor to compansate time wasted due to system problem. He replied nothing can be done. I got the score 261 only. If they would have compansated me appropriate time I am sure I would have crossed 300 marks. What can be done now?

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Umesh ,


I will suggest you to call the BITS admissiuons office and report them the issue .

you can call at

Admissions: On Campus Prof. S. Gurunarayanan
Dean, Admissions
E-mail: sguru
242205, 515252
Ext: 252/294


Call them and they would be able to help you .


feel free to post as many doubts you have we wud be happy to help .


All the Best !!



6 years ago

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Vijay Mukati one year ago
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Beenu Mathew 5 months ago
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SAHIL 4 months ago
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