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				   I din't qualify JEE-2009, got air 388475 in AIEEE-2009 (52 marks) n d cutoff for my category was 44 bt still din't gt any branch or college allotd in d online counslng....

dn I dropped fr 2010 n I hv no hope of making it 2 any of these even dis year...

Should I drop 1 mor year 2 sit fr my last attempt in AIEEE-2011????

n nw m planning dt if I drop fr 2011 dn I'l go 2 delhi to join FIITJEE for coachng..

m A Jammu and Kashmir resident nd dere z no gud coachng institude as compared to those lyk FIITJEE...

agn I knw dat I wnt b abl to sit in JEE 2011 cz it allows nly 2 conscutve attempts n I passed my 12th xms in 2009

Plz suggest me should I drop 1 more year fr AIEEE 2011???

I knw I cn gt a gud rank as I'm a gud student n I scored 87% in my 12th board xms.. I jst din't study serously n acted careless in d prevous attempts bt I vry mch committed 2 wrk hrd fr 2011 cz it vl b do or die fr me...

SO plz suggest me shud I drop again fr 2011???

nd also if I score a gud rank in AIEEE-2011 n gt a gud brnch like CSE or ECE an NIT Surthkl etc dn will the 2 yr drop affect my career n placement evn if becm a gud engineer wid a gud GPA????


6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Vivek,

First of all i like to inform yuo that you need not to post all question at one time, as experts are there always, so its better that if you want the response of all your questions then you need to ask them separately.

Now as you said that you din't qualified for AIEEE 2009, and this time also you are saying that you have not done well, so this is my personal advice to you that rather than dropping one more year , go for that branch whatever you are getting, because this cannot be guarented that next year also you score well, however that would be the different case if you score well . provides online iit jee courses and IIT JEE Test Series with IITians. Click here to get free online test series and check your status timely or you can join us as our registered user for getting best iit jee study material or iit jee test series.

Click here to find IIT JEE Packages or course details with askIITians.

for further details visit the folowing links:

Askiitians provide you all the best possible information, feel free to ask.

all the best.

thanks and regards.

Akhilesh Shukla


6 years ago

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Mudit 2 months ago
sir i have scored 250 in jee main with 75.4 percentage in rbse can i get cs branch in nit warangal
Dear student, Pls check the opening and closing rank of colleges and branch that you want Thanks
Nishant Vora one year ago
What is your AIR and category rank if any.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
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Soneel Verma one year ago
Which should I choose between PEC CSE, NSIT ECE..? Help would be appreciated. I am interested in both streams equally.
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