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wel i dun know how 2 start

i hav gven my iit paper and i am getn 177

74 in 1st paper and 103 in 2nd paper

al said paper 1 was easier than paper 2

and even i felt same

but i scored more in paper 2 because during paper 1 i felt d need 2 go washroom urgently

which d invigilators didnt allow so

i ended up controllin it and wasted my half to three fourth hour in it

so i cudnt attempt maths in paper 1  wel and bit of physics which i cud hav done wel

so i feel that i am gettin below wat i cud hav got

i think i cud hav got easily 200+ marks had dis misfortune not hav happened wid me

sum frnds did laugh but now i dun know how to react wid dis

i mean i was damn serious 2 years and i end up doin sumthing below my xpectations and capabilities

so now am thinkin of takin a drop and going to kota 42 gve my best 4 1 full year

plz advice me shud i drop a year and go kota or shud i join sum nit and den gve iit at the end of year

i wud also like to know dat the rumours of 80% cutoff if happen to be true wil it b applicable 4 ppl lke us who r 12th pass???

do dey xpect us to repeat another year to get 80% because i may be getn sumwhere near 79% in boards...

if this rule is applied den shud i take a drop or not

i dun care 4 jobs cos i wud lke 2 do research in future and want best education facilities

plz advice if i must drop or not

i m totally emotionally drained and life seems 2 stand still

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear babu,

          First of all stop feeling guitly because there is always next chance, and you shoul not be hope less.

I have been through the entire story that you wrote over here, quite amazing but then to also few certain condition are there against which you are help less, this is advisable to you that stop feeling guilty, what ever happened was the past, now you need to live in the present and prepare for future.

Now according to me if you are really confident enough that next year you can cack IIT JEE then only you need to drop else you shoul go for NIT's .

Since its not sure that next year your score must reach upto certain criteria or not result might be positive also might be negative aslo, but if you are sure this time that you will get any of teh NIT's then you must opt for the same i'e NIT. provides online iit jee courses and IIT JEE Test Series with IITians. Click here to get free online test series and check your status timely or you can join us as our registered user for getting best iit jee study material or iit jee test series.

Click here to find IIT JEE Packages or course details with askIITians.

Thanks and regards

Akhilesh Shukla

6 years ago

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