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is op aggarwal is best for chemistry and h.c. verma  for physics and ml khanna for maths?? also sugest some good 

books . i'm not going to any coaching class. please help.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


For iit what u actually require is thorrow concepts & speed calculations & not institute .

For physics h.c. verma & for chemistry ncert is must . For chemistry U may also do tata mc graw hill . For mathematics s.k. goyal is best book .

Although op aggarwal for chemistry and ml khanna for maths are good books as far as practice is concerned but would not be that much scoring as with the above books mentioned . So don't do them

First complete the above books & then revise them again . For physics U may do D.C pandey for physics but for chemistry & maths other books won't be required after that .

For Books always remember  "At the end of day what it matters is not how many  books u have done , but the book which u have done  you are thorrow with it & u must have also revised it once since to apply them in the paper not only everything should be in your mind , but u should also be able to do speed calculations  as well ".

Best of Luck for jee .

Do approve if u like this .

6 years ago

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There is only one month left for the kvpy exam and i m not prepared at all plz help about how to in one month so that i can score good and i dont have biology so how to study for that for SA...
@ vaibhavi cutoff trends vary every year , so, we cannot say a predefined cutoff for kvpy , still its 60 percent of the total marks if u are a general candidate . and NO , its not at all...
Umakant biswal 28 days ago
@ vaibhavi for kvpy frst of all previous year papers are atmost very very imp . so, if u have 1 month left frst do that , at least last 4 years of paper . after that in the case of biology...
Umakant biswal 28 days ago
What is cutoff for this paper and is it so hard to crack this exam and what is use of passing out this exam
Vaibhavi 28 days ago
Sir can u please tell which book is better for physical chemistry, n avasthi or rc mucherjee or ranjeet shahi
@ aryan it depsnds on which exam u are preparing for , if jee , then u require ranjeet shahi , beacuse in jee u will have theory portion in inorganic only , rest all u have to apply formula ...
2017 years ago
Sir iIam preparing for iitjee. So hwz n avasthi as compared to ranjeet shahi. Also if rc mukherjee is good for iit preparation.
@aryan if you are jee aspirants then go with ranjeet shahi and p bahadur , these are complete book for mains and advanced . n awasthi will not give u a good rank in advanced .,
What`s the difference between rc mucherjee and ranjeet shahi for physical chemistry for iitjee preparation
@ aryan as far as r c mukherjee is concerned , it will deal with the theory part only , and also it have numericals , but that is not sufficient and complicated enough to deal with the...
18 hours ago
Thanks sir iIwould definitely buy ranjeet shahi... If any other information is needed I would definitely ask u..
16 hours ago
Sir iujust saw on ur website the best books for physical chemistry but there there are many books that you have given more rating than ranjeet shahi, why?
16 hours ago
Sir waiting for your reply.................................. ........................ ...... ................
7 hours ago
yes , i told u before there are many books avaliable better than ranjeet shahi , . even p bahadur is considered best than ranjeet shahi. but u told me to compare between r c mukherjee and...
5 hours ago
Give me marks distribution of physics in wbchse board class12 only
SAHIL 3 months ago
I have not allowed any college in both round 1 and 2 .with the above ranks in the file attached will i get any nit , iiit in any further rounds ? please do answer
Image is not visible, kindly take a good quality snapshot.
Suraj Prasad 3 months ago
Well Sir , my jee paper 1 crl is 119858 And Obc Rank is 36,452 jee paper 2 crl is 28352 and obc rank is 8293 So According is this any nit , IIITs any Branch anything possible ? in further...
Mohammed Saif 3 months ago
please tell me which topics are very important for iit mains and advanced. are there any topics, i should not pay much attention to? i need help. please guide me.
Complete analysis of the jee paper (topic wise) is available on the askIITians website. Please refer from there.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
My Pleasure.
Vijay Mukati one year ago
all topics are important for mains some are skipped in advanced just search for JEE subject wise analysis and decide accordingly,.. thank you
Prajwal Kavad one year ago
I require pims aicet entrance previous years papers
it available in,access this web address then you can download what you want put www. infront of sakshieducation.sorry for my answer if it is wrong
Rayapati Dillipkumar 7 months ago
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