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I am a class 12th passed student with 70 percent marks(PCM 65 %).........

living in west bengal.......i want to know that how many ENGINEERING Entrance exams i can appear AND please name them (in the year 2010)??


(place is not a factor during admission , best college is what i need the most) .........please name the entrance exam names i can appear for in the year 2010  ............

help needed urgently(i already got admission in a private college(1st year and ECE stream))

i need to get ECE in a best college(tips are also neededfor cracking the exams) 

pls  help


7 years ago


Answers : (1)



AIEEE , IITJEE, WBJEE , VITEEE are som eof the xams that u can appear in Fr the next year. IITJEE is fr the addmission into the IITs and some other institutes lyk IISc, RGIPt etc . AIEEE is fr admission into all the NITs and colleges lyk DCE , PEC , Thapar etc.

VITEEE is fr admission into Vellore IT. WBJEE is fr bengal colleges.

I am giving u the list of top 10 colleges in India and their link fr further details:

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

Below mentioned is the list of top 10 Engineering Colleges in India -

  • Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

    Roorkee Uttaranchal India -247667

    Tel: +91-1332-272349, 274860

    Fax: +91-1332-273560

    Website: Details...

  • Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati Guwahati 781039

    Assam, India

  • IIIT Allahabad

    Deoghat, Jhalwa

    Allahabad, India 211012

    Phone: 91-532-2922000

    Fax: 91-532-2430006



  • College of Engineering,

    Anna University, Guindy Chennai - 600 025.


  • National Institute of Technology

    Tiruchirappalli - 620 015

    Tamil Nadu, India

    email :

    Contact Phone No: + 91 (431) 2501801

    Fax No : +91 (431) 2500133



Choosing the right topics for maximum study is very important not only for clearing JEE but also for getting a high rank. Lots of topics in JEE syllabus require a huge lot of time, incomparable to that required by other topics. Spending too much time on these topics and ignoring other topics leads to drastic failure in rank.Lots of topics in JEE are very easy and are of NCERT level.The key to topping JEE is to maximize your scoring in these topics which boosts the rank. Many such topics require considerably less time and is much much less than the time required by certain other topics with proportionate marks.You should spend more time on these topics and try to earn full marks in such topics.I list a few of these topics:

MODERN PHYSICS AND ELECTRONICS :most of the questions easy and similar to past JEE questions.

WAVE OPTICS :most of the questions are similar to past JEE questions

INORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND GENERAL CHEMISTRY :most of the questions are of NCERT level and are simple.

SOLID STATE :Most of the questions are very easy.

PROBABILITY AND DIFFERENTIATION :most of the questions are simple and NCERT level.

DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS :most of the questions are similar to past JEE questions.

7 years ago

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