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dear sir,

           in the coming aieee exam i.e,on 25april i will give the entrance exam so plz provide me differentiation tips to solve a question in less than a minute

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear AAmir,

For differential calculus, you need to first learn all the formule, and continiously you need to keep on brushing them.

read the question twice before solving, note the given parameters, and then try to focus on what you have to find?

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Askiitians provide you all the best possible information, feel free to ask.

all the best.

thanks and regards.

Akhilesh Shukla

6 years ago

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If y=(x^n)log(x) than find nth order derivative of y.
Simply, this Q. is solved by using Leibnitz’s Rule of differentiation. The answer of the Q. is x^n*log(x)^2.
Kumar one month ago
f(0)=f(1)=0,f / (1)=2 &y=(e x )e f(x) dy/dx=
let, g’(0)=f’(1)e f(0) +f(1)e f(0) .f(0) =f’(1)+f’(0)=0+2=2
vivek one year ago
Plz 12 question
((1-cos2x)sin5x)/((x^2)(sin3x) where lim tends to 0 1-cos2x=2(sin^x) sin^x/(x^2)=1 hence, 2(((sin^x)^2)/x^2)*(sin5x/sin3x) 2*(sin5x)/(sin3x) using l’ hopital rule 2*(cos5x)*5)/(cos3x).3)...
srishti one year ago
e^(x^2)-cosx/x^2 using l hopital rule 2xe^2+sinx/2x 4x^2e^x+cosx/2 1/2
srishti one year ago
∫(x+sinx)/(1+cosx)dx => write sinx and cosx in half angle formulaes: => (x + 2sinx/2cosx/2)/(2cos^2x/2)dx => 0.5xsec^2x/2 dx + tanx/2 dx …..........................(1) let tanx/2 = u...
Vikas TU 23 days ago
Bhai, HashLearn is providing unlimited doubt clearing with IIT tutors for a month at Rs. 199. You should try them. Better than waiting here for a response
Ankit 13 days ago
what is cross product ?what is cross product of a and b?
cross product can b defined as the product of two quantities which have magnitude and direction. a*b=absin∂
DEEPTHI JANGA 7 months ago
PRODUCT OF TWO VECTORS IS CALLED AS VECTOR PRODUCT. AXB=(a2b3-a3b2)i-(a1b3-a3b1)+(a1b2-a2b1)k this the way to find cross product of two vectors
RIYAZSHAIK 6 months ago
Cross product can be defined as the product of two vectors having magnitude and direction and result is vector. a*b=absin∂
M.EBENEZER 6 months ago
Pls solve the problem of exponents for which I have attached the image for your kind cooperation
Dear Student, Image is not attached. Please post it again. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 11 months ago
my dear friend you don’t put any image so what way i understand so i don’t understand please sent image.THANK YOU.
NARAYANA 10 months ago
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