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Please give me the solution for the IITJEE 2000

Solutions , not the paper.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)

Hello student ,
You will get solutions of all the previous year question papers of IIT JEE on ourwebsite on following link
2 years ago

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could u plz answer the 21 st qstn of misc.exercise of chpt-5, class 12,ncert-“does there exist a function which is continous everywhere but not differentiable at exactly 2 points? justify.” ...
I answered exactly same questions for another user 3 days ago. Please check the answer for previous question under same topic.
Ajay 2 months ago
Find the derivative of f(x) = x 3 -x using the definition of derivative ?
The given function is f(x) = x 3 -x Now we calculate the difference quotient f(x+h) – f(x) / h = [(x+h) 3 - (x+h)] – [x 3 -x] / h 3x 2 +3xh+h 2 -1 lim h-0 3x 2 +3xh+h 2 -1 = 3x 2 - 1
Mounik 7 months ago
lim(x->a) [(xsina-asinx) /(x-a) ]=sina-acosa........ PROOF
lim [ (xsin(a) - asin(x)) / (x - a) ] x -> a We have to use L`Hospital`s rule to solve this. This means we take the derivative of each of the top and bottom and calculate a new limit. Keep...
rahul kushwaha one month ago
What’s the Geometrical interpretation of integrals? And what’s the physical significance of C?
Geometrical interpretation of indefinite integral Let f (x) = 2x. Then ∫ f (x) dx = x 2 + C. For different values of C, we get different integrals. But these integrals are very similar...
Vikas TU 4 months ago
one unit along y-axis in the negative direction. Thus, for each positive value of C, each parabola of the family has its vertex on the positive side of the y-axis and for negative values of ...
SREEKANTH 4 months ago
..........................,..................(just to reach minimum character limit
We are given that . Consider a prime that divides p. Then it has to divide q 2 r 2 i.e. it also divides at least one of q and r. Suppose the prime s divides p and q, but not r. Further let...
mycroft holmes 20 days ago
I forgot to add that since any prime that divides precisely two of p,q,r appears to eqyal power in the two numbers they will cancel out even in pq/r, qr/p, and pr/q. Hence only need to...
mycroft holmes 20 days ago
if x1 , x2, x3 , x4 are the roots of the equation x4 -x3 sin 2 beta + x2 cos 2 beta – x cos beta – sin beta = 0 then ∑ i=1 to 4 tan-1 xi is ?
Let the roots be a,b,c,d...Then tan-¹ a + tan-¹ b + tan-¹ + tan-¹ d is equal to...tan-¹ [ (sum of roots - sum of roots taken 3 at a time) / (1 - sum of roots taken 2 at a time + product of...
2017 years ago
Sum of roots taken 3 at a ime means abc + bcd + acd + abd ie all possible combinations of 3 roots out of 4.Sum of roots = sin 2ßSum of roots taken 2 at a time = cos 2ßSum of roots taken 3 at...
11 hours ago
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