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lim x-0 (1\x square -1\sin square x)

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear arun

lim x-0 (1/x2 -1/sin 2x)

= lim x-0 (sin 2x - x2)/x2sin 2x

=lim x-0 (sin 2x - x2)/x4(sin x/x)2

 we know lim x-0  sin x/x   =1

so limit become


=lim x-0 (sin 2x - x2)/x4

 =lim x-0 (1/2 -cos2x/2 - x2)/x4

=lim x-0 (1 -cos2x - 2x2)/2x4

=lim x-0 (1 - 2x2-cos2x)/2x4

 open series of cos2x

=lim x-0 (1 - 2x2-[1-(2x)2/2!  + (2x)4/4! - (2x)6/6! +.......])/2x4

=lim x-0 (- (2x)4/4! +(2x)6/6! +.......])/2x4

lim x-0 (- 1/3  +32(x)2/6! -.......])

apply limit


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Askiitians Experts

6 years ago

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does limit of a function exist if its right hand limit exists but not left hand limit
Dear Student, for the limit of function to be exists, Both the Right hand and left hand limit should exists as well as they should be equal. Hence for the given case, limit will not exists....
Vijay Mukati 11 months ago
Dear Your Q. is not stiesfies the defnition of limit so that we can simply say that one sided limit exists only this can not imply the existence of the limit.
Kumar one month ago
Plz 12 question
((1-cos2x)sin5x)/((x^2)(sin3x) where lim tends to 0 1-cos2x=2(sin^x) sin^x/(x^2)=1 hence, 2(((sin^x)^2)/x^2)*(sin5x/sin3x) 2*(sin5x)/(sin3x) using l’ hopital rule 2*(cos5x)*5)/(cos3x).3)...
srishti one year ago
e^(x^2)-cosx/x^2 using l hopital rule 2xe^2+sinx/2x 4x^2e^x+cosx/2 1/2
srishti one year ago
|sinx|​÷cosx+|cosx|÷sinx how to find the period of function
I think the answer is 2pi because |sinx| period is pi and also |cosx| period is pi when we add we get 2pi
monu kumar 3 months ago
The sum to n terms of the series 1/4+7/16+37/64+175/256...
The general term of the sequence can be written as a k = 1 – (3/4) k . This sum of the sequence can be found out using the well known formula for n-terms of a geometric progression.
mycroft holmes 3 months ago
I am not sure the question is correct. The series do not have any pattern if the third term of series is 35/7 instead of 37/5, it can be summed easily. Please confirm.
Ajay 3 months ago
Can we divide two vectors .....,....................... .....,....................... .... ... ... .... .... .... ............. ....
No! We cannot divide two vectors, when the mathematics of vectors was developed there has been no formal defination of division of vectors
Riddhish Bhalodia 9 months ago
No! Actually not We cannot divide two vectors, when the mathematics of vectors was developed there has been no formal defination of division of vectors
Ankit Jaiswal 9 months ago
What’s the Geometrical interpretation of integrals? And what’s the physical significance of C?
Geometrical interpretation of indefinite integral Let f (x) = 2x. Then ∫ f (x) dx = x 2 + C. For different values of C, we get different integrals. But these integrals are very similar...
Vikas TU 4 months ago
one unit along y-axis in the negative direction. Thus, for each positive value of C, each parabola of the family has its vertex on the positive side of the y-axis and for negative values of ...
SREEKANTH 4 months ago
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