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f(x)= sinx-cosx+2^1/2 whole divided by x^3/2 where x belongs to[Π/4,5Π/4].let m the minimum value of f(x) and M be the max value of f(x).then [2M/5m] where [.] denotes greatest integer function

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Debadutta,


The given expression is

S = [√2*sin(x-Π/4) + √2] / x3/2 = √2 [sin(x-Π/4) + 1] / x3/2


Note that (x-Π/4) ε [0,Π].

So clearly S is maximum when x=Π/4, and minimum when x=5Π/4.


So now you can find what [2M/5m] will be.




4 years ago

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I find function very tough,the graph n those equation..wat should I do so that I find it easy n solve my problems
Buy Cengage’s Playing with Graphs, after reading it you will feel comfortable with this part.
Anoopam Mishra 9 months ago
Question: If xe^(xy) – y = sin^2x, then find dy/dx at x=0.
Given eqn. xe^(xy) – y = sin^2x, Differentiate y w.r.t. x as: (1)e^(xy) + xe^(xy)*[1.y + xdy/dx] – dy/dx = sin2x collect dy/dx, put x = 0: dy/dx = 1 is the answer.
vikas yadav 17 hours ago
What will will come when we differentiate acceleration
when we deferentiate the acceleration we get the jerk.
RAMCHANDRARAO 4 months ago
the rate of change of acceleration; that is, the derivative of acceleration with respect to time, and as such the second derivative of velocity, or the third derivative of position.“ it is...
T.kumar 4 months ago
MR. PRABHAKAR its nothing but “JERK“, and its a sudeen movement if u want an example then when u r travelling in the bus if driver puts a sudden brake there is movement in u i.e, jeRk
Dheeru chowdary 4 months ago
the sum &product of three numbers is same then what are those numbers?
the only possible numbers satisfying the given property are 1,2,3 . VERIFICATION – 1+2+3=6 1*2*3=6
sri tanish 8 months ago
its simple yaaar XYZ = X+Y+Z the only possibility is 1 ,2,3
kalyan 8 months ago
1.2.3 SUM IS 1+2+3=6 PRODUCT IS 1×2×3=6
pa1 8 months ago
SEELA YUVARAJU 8 months ago
sreekanth 8 months ago
SHANMUKESHWAR 8 months ago
A line cuts the x-axis at A (7, 0) and the y-axis at B (0, -5). A variable line PQ is drawn perpendicular to AB cutting the x-axis in P and the y-axis in Q. If AQ and BP intersect at R,...
The given line cuts the x-axis at A (7, 0) and the y-axis at B (0, -5). Hence, the equation of the line AB is x/7 + y/-5 = 1 …… (1) Hence, the equation becomes 5x-7y = 35. We know that the...
Satyadip Mahapatra 5 months ago
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