If f(x1 + x2 + ... + xn) = f(x1)f(x2)...f(xn) for all x belongs to real; and f(0) = 2 and  f(m) > 0 where m,n belong to natural and m is even and n is odd. 

Evaluate lim ((f(x)-1)/x) where x tends to zero.

2 years ago


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                                        The answer is 1
2 years ago

Can you kindly give me the solution for the problem?

2 years ago

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question is …....f(x+y)=f(x)+f(y) is a odd function prove..... i added image of solution of this question .please help me to understand solution …..i cant understand the solution which give...
Ans: Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below Solution which you attached is little bit complicated. So I am gonna do this by an easier method. By definition, Since f(0) = 0,...
Jitender Singh one month ago
….…..then ….…....then sir i can not understand this step please explain again fully
milind one month ago
sir i can not understand this step please explain again fully
milind one month ago
Dear student, Pls send the pic of the question again. I cann’t see any pic attached. Thanks,...
Nishant Vora one month ago
Dear student, Regards
Sumit Majumdar one month ago
i have put up the same question with the pic attached
bharat makkar one month ago
help expain fully
Ans: © Limit of f’’(x) at x = 0 exists. Other data should be given which make the limit zero by zero form So it is zero by zero form. Apply L’hospital rule
Jitender Singh 4 months ago
jitendra sir can you tell me how it is 0/0 form ….….…...no ther data is given....please
milind 4 months ago
(1 -w -w²) 5 = 32
Hii shah as you know 1 + w +w ² = 0 whem w is cube root of unity.hence you can write it as -w -w² = 1 therefore 2^5 is 32.. . . . . . . . ….. . . . .
Sourabh Singh 26 days ago
What is the relation between the distances of Orthocentre, circumcentre and centroid in coordinate geomtry?
O = orthocentre G = centroid C = circumcentre so orthocentre , centroid and circumcentre belong to a straight line , called Line of Euler . thanks and regards
Ajay Verma 4 months ago
If 10cosA+5cosB+11cosC+14cosD=0 and 10sinA+5sinB-11sinC-14sinD=0 and cos(A+C) = m cos(B+D) n where m and n are co-prime,then the value of m+n = ? 2 Options: A)7 B)8 C)9 D)10 PLZ solve this...
10cosA+11cosC=-5cosB-14cosD 10sinA-11sinC=5sinB+14sinD Square both the equations and add them to get 221+ 220cos(A+C)= 221+140cos(B+D) Find the value of cos(A+C)/COs(B+D) in the standard...
Ravi 13 days ago
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