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                   If f(x1 + x2 + ... + xn) = f(x1)f(x2)...f(xn) for all x belongs to real; and f(0) = 2 and  f(m) > 0 where m,n belong to natural and m is even and n is odd. 

Evaluate lim ((f(x)-1)/x) where x tends to zero.

3 years ago


Answers : (2)

                                        The answer is 1
3 years ago

Can you kindly give me the solution for the problem?

3 years ago

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Number of points where f(x)=1/ln|x2-3x+3| is dicontinuous
Raghu Vamshi Hemadri 2 months ago
sonukumaraman 2 months ago
Let f : [a, b] → R be continuous on [a, b] and differentiable on (a, b). Suppose that f(a) = a and f(b) = b. Show that there is c ∈ (a, b) such that f′(c) = 1. Further, show that there are...
BY LMVT(Lagrange mean value theorem) Apply theorem in at points (a,f(a)) & (b,f(b)) This prove the first part that there exist a point c between a & b such that SECOND PART now break the...
Aakash 3 months ago
My answer was exactly the same as of Akash. But you disapproved my answer.
Anoopam Mishra 3 months ago
This is not fair!!!!!
Anoopam Mishra 3 months ago
Let f:R->R be such that |f(x)-f(y)| A.f(x) B.constant but not zero C.(f(x))^2 D.Zero
Your question seems to be incompelete. Please check it.
Vijay Mukati 4 months ago
prove that , sin(x) sin(2x) sin(3x)
well, question is : prove that , sin(x) sin(2x) sin(3x) something wrong here, some bug or something , question statement got truncated when i posted (both the times – i posted twice)
inder kumar 4 months ago
prove sin(x)sin(2x)sin(3x)is less than 9/16 is question without using maxima/minima/calculus
inder kumar 4 months ago
i mean what to prove it ? I mean is it equal to 0 or something else
srinivas 4 months ago
Please can you guide me how should I prepare well for my mathematics compartment exam..Please
Do not take stress of any type to clear your compartment exams.Prepare hard to clear the exam, Repeated revision is inevitable to be gain familiarity with questions and topics.Work out in...
Komal 6 months ago
what do we mean by substitution in integration
A change in the variable of integration often reduces an integral to one of the fundamental integrals. The method in which you change the variable to some other variable is called the...
grenade 6 months ago
Integration by Substitution" (also called "u-substitution") is a method to find an integral , but only when it can be set up in a special way. When the integrand involves some trigonometric ...
ng29 6 months ago
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