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                   when function is increasing

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


The derivative of a function may be used to determine whether the function is increasing or decreasing on any intervals in its domain. If f′(x) > 0 at each point in an interval I, then the function is said to be increasing on I. f′(x) < 0 at each point in an interval I, then the function is said to be decreasing on I. Because the derivative is zero or does not exist only at critical points of the function, it must be positive or negative at all other points where the function exists.

3 years ago

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differentiate x arcsinx w.r.t arcsinx
The question can be expressed as “ differentiate (x arcsinx wrt x)/ (differentiate arcsinx wrt x)
Jayakrishna 2 months ago
please refer the image for the question and answer it
we have to use the first principle of diff to solve it then we get f l (x)=f(x)-1 f(x)=f l (x)+1 further on integrating on above limits u obtain f(1)+1 now f(1) is obtained by asuming...
noogler 5 months ago
put y=0 in the given relation u’ll get f(x)=1 ….now u can integrate it easily....nd the answer must be (a) 1
Ruchi Thakur 6 months ago
can u plz tell me that is f(0)=-1.....or......f l (0)=-1
noogler 5 months ago
I m having problem in these two questions: 1) f(x)=x^3+6x^2+(9+2k)x+1 is increasing if k is 2)f(x)=cosx-2PX is monotonically decreasing for p:
HInt: 1. If we diffirenciate a cubic equation, we get the quadratic equation. Not for cubic polynomial to be increasing function, its derivative should be positive, i.e. quadratic polynomial...
Vijay Mukati 2 months ago
How do we find the vertices of the triangle if its equation of a line and opposite vertex is given.?
Dear Student, You can easily find the vertices from the given equation of lines. Solve the two equation to get the intersecting point on them. This intersecting points will be the vertices...
Vijay Mukati one month ago
sir,i need an answer to this question from permutations and combinations.the question is:-there are n distinct white balls and n distinct black balls.if the number of ways of arranging them ...
Definately, you will have to start with white or black (2 cases) and then repeat the order as WBWBWB or BWBWBW … and ways to arrange n white or black balls will be factorial(n)....
Vijay Mukati 3 months ago
n=4, suppose it starts with black ball. sequence will be BWBW......BWBW, and if it starts with white ball, sequence will be WBWB.....WBWB. so, there are two cases, for each case, total will ...
Akshay 3 months ago
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