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                   which book should i follow for quality preparation of IIT for "Calculus". i am preaparing for 2013 exams.

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Hi Kumar,


From the perspective of IIT JEE, Arihant Series of Calculus will be a very good source.

It has theory as well as problems in detial.


All the best.


Ashwin (IIT Madras).

3 years ago

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Please tell how they calculate it sir please see attachment
Hello student, Please find answer to your question By binomial theorm,
Jitender Singh 11 months ago
inverse of f(x)=x3 + ex/2
the inverse of inverse of f(x)=x^3 + ex/2 is........ f^(-1) (x) = (sqrt(6) sqrt(54 x^2+e^3)+18 x)^(1/3)/6^(2/3)-e/(6^(1/3) (sqrt(6) sqrt(54 x^2+e^3)+18 x)^(1/3))
Ajay Kotwal 7 days ago
good qustn..
Ajay Kotwal 7 days ago
Ajay Kotwal 7 days ago
Blue circles r doubts
i think ans is g(x)= + (1-x 2 ) 1/2
noogler 13 days ago
cuz it is defined on [-1,1] and given area of equilateral triangle is (3 1/2 )/4 …........generally area of eq. triangle is (3 1/2 )/4 X a 2 here a=1 i.e., distance btw (0,0) and (x,g(x))is ...
noogler 13 days ago
Suppose the clock starts malfunctioning at 7 AM which decelerates the minute hand at the rate of 4Π radians/day. How much time would the clock loose by 7 AM next day? Plzz explain hw to...
Angular speed of, minute hand : ω mh = 2 π rad/hr = 48 π rad/day Assume at t = 0 , when the clock begins to malfunction angle covered by the minute hand in one day = 48 π(rad/day)...
Aakash 2 months ago
I am sorry to say Aakash but answer given is 1 hour
Mohammad Kavish 2 months ago
2(pi) = 1 rotation 2(pi) rotation means 60 minute therefore 4(pi) rotation means 120 minute In one day clock will lost 120 minute Please Aprove if useful
Aakash 2 months ago
i dont understand how to do it..
i think its option d
SAITEJA GOUD one month ago
how u did it?
Prakhar Tomar one month ago
Plese solve the following integral ∫|x| dx Limit is from -1 to 2.
Ans:Hello student, please find answer to your question
Jitender Singh 11 months ago
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