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f(x)=[x]+[-x] when xis not equal to 2 and A ,when X =2 if fx is continuous at x=2 thwn the value of A=?

4 years ago


Answers : (2)


Hi Koushik,


Ih you note

f(x) as x tends to 2 from the right ie 2+

f(2+) = 2-3 = -1

And f(x) as x tends to 2 from the left ie 2-

f(2-) = 1-2 = -1.


So f(2) = A = -1 for f(x) to be continuous at 2.


Hope it helps.

Wish you all the best.



Ashwin (IIT Madras).

4 years ago

For continuity lim x->2+ f(x) = f(2) = lim x-> 2-

Evalutaing left hand limit: 

When x->2-: [x]+[-x] = [2-h]+[-(2-h)] =1+[-2+h]=1-2=-1

Evaluating right hand limit

When x->2+ : [2+h]+[-2-h]= 2+(-3)= -1 

therefore f(2) = -1 to mk the function continuous

4 years ago

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Please help me with this question attachment there .
no the answer given is (C) doesnt exist. can you explain what steps lead to answer? …
Aditya Dev one month ago
Dear Aditya dev, Answer is 1. It is a formula..
SAI SARDAR one month ago
can someone tell me where is monotonicity part in the book M.L. Khanna. I’m unable to solve questions of monotonicity.
Monotonocity part in Ml khanna is in chapters like derivatives,differentiations etc
Charchit Tailong 10 months ago
What is the ranges and domains of hyperbolic sine and cosine functions.please give a hint to derive this with explanations
For sinhx range and domain are equal and is equal to all real numbers.but for coshx domains is r but range is [1,infinity)
H AGGARWAL 4 months ago
1 ? 0 (x n - 1) / ln ( x ) What is the value of this integral please help??
jagdish singh singh 2 months ago
jagdish singh singh 2 months ago
A cubic wooden block of density 0.8 gm/cc. When floats in water have exposure of 2cm above the water level. The side of the cube is
if density is 0.8... it means 80% of the block will sink and 20% will float... 20% is 2cm.. it means side of block is 10cm..
Jayakrishna Natarajan 5 months ago
cofficient of xpower8 in x-1* x-2*.............x-10 is method
Question is not clear. Please repost and write in proper language.
Harsh Patodia one month ago
jagdish singh singh one month ago
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