If cosy=xcos(a+y). And dx/dy =k/1+(x)2-2xcosa...... Then find value of k Now my main question is..For above que. We should diff. w.r.t "y" and we get k=sina.. ..And i see same que in diff book like this mainor.. .... If cosy=xcos(a+y). And dy/dx =k/1+(x)2-2xcosa...... Then find value of k ,and for this we should diff w.r.t "x"..And we get same ans. K=sina then for this que. We prove dy/dx=dx/dy... Thanks

3 years ago


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may be the question is wrong or may be the value ofdy/dx ...or dx/dy are equal to 1 at k = sina

2 years ago

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Find all the tangents to a circle (x-a) 2 + (y-b) 2 = r 2 which make an angle @ with x axis
the result is very simple for circle centred at origin we say eqn of tangents is y=mx +/- r(1+m 2 ) 1/2 for circle with centre a,b we can linearly transform the eqn. by Replacing y------>...
Abhishek Singh 27 days ago
sorry it must be y-b=m(x-a) +/- r(1+m 2 ) ½ ( here +/- means plus or minus) in above post g must be replaced by “-a” and m is multiplied to x-a. it was my fault But your answer is wrong as...
Abhishek Singh 27 days ago
any line of form y-b=mx-g +/- r(1+m 2 ) ½ ( here +/- means plus or minus) will touch the given circle, if we put m=tan@ then the equation of the lines are the required tangents.
Abhishek Singh 28 days ago
Dear student, Pls send the pic of the question again. I cann’t see any pic attached. Thanks,...
Nishant Vora 3 months ago
Dear student, Regards
Sumit Majumdar 3 months ago
i have put up the same question with the pic attached
bharat makkar 3 months ago
f(x) = maximum {4, 1+x^2, x^2 -1}, x belong R. total no of points where fx is non differentiable ? graphical approach if possible
Hi Arpit, First note that x^2 + 1 > x^2 – 1 for all x belonging to R Therefore, max{4, x^2 -1, x^2+1} = max{4, x^2 + 1} Now, x^2 + 1 is a quadratic expression and opens upwards. To find the...
Asish Mahapatra 4 months ago
thank u for your help
Arpit Dhankar 4 months ago
five persons A,B,C,D,E are pulling the cart of mass 100 kg on a smooth surface and cart is moving with acceleration of 3m/sq in east direction. when person A stops pulling it moves with...
…. Eq. 1 where i is unit vector in east direction. …. Eq 2 … Eq 3 From Equation 1 and 2, we get From equation 1 and 3 , we get Hence, if only A and B are pulling,...
bharat bajaj 7 months ago
A bullet loses nth fraction of its velocity while passing through a sandbag. The minimum number of sandbags required to arrest the bullet is?
the velocity after first bag = v- v/n = v(n-1)/n the velocity after secnod bag = v(n-1)/n- v(n-1)/n^2 = v(n-1)/n(n-1)/n = v(n-1) 2 /n 2 if n=1, means velocity loses complete velocity then 1...
Sher Mohammad 6 months ago
If the vertices of triangles are placed at (1.8,2.4),(5,0) and (0,0), then where is the orthocentre located? The answer is given as (1.8,2.4) Please explain
Solution: As we know the.. orthocentre is the point of intersection of altitudes of the triangle... soo for right angle triangle.. orthocenter is the vertex itself on which right angle is...
Ajay Verma 6 months ago
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