can i get a demo class on its yheory part?

2 years ago


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Dear Monika,

yes you can get demo class on theory classes , Use the link given on askiitians website.

Best Of luck

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Aman Bansal

Askiitian Expert


2 years ago

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Question is attached in image ….jitendra Sir explain this solution. I will follow your method but I want this too In = dn-1/dxn-1 [xn-1 + nxn-1 log x ] In = (n-1) dn-2 / dx n-2 xn-2 + n dn-1...
Hello student, Please find answer to your question …........(1) Put this in equation (1), we have
Jitender Singh 4 months ago
Jitendra Sir Can u explain me second step ....
milind 4 months ago
Second of answer ….please explain …..please
milind 4 months ago
what is calculus ??please explain it briefly.
Ans: Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below Calculus is the mathematical study of change . It has two major barnches differential calculus (concerning rates of change...
Jitender Singh 2 months ago
Dear student, Calculus is the branch of Mathematics which helps in computing results for dynamical systems. Calculus helps one in finding how one physical quantity varies as a function of...
Sumit Majumdar 2 months ago
Image attached . Find condition that equation shown in image has local minima at certain x belonging to R-
f’(x)= 3x 2 + 2ax+ b this eqauation will have real roots means there will be a local minima if d>=0 d= a 2 – 12 b=0 or greater than 0
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
Please mention as to what has to be done or has been asked in the question,...
Ravi 13 days ago
Solve: sin –1 (|x 2 –1|) +cos –1 (|2x 2 –5|) = pi/2
sin–1(|x2–1|) +cos–1(|2x2–5|) = pi/2 |x 2 -1|=1, gives x=0, ± sqrt(2) 2x 2 -5| = 1 x=+-2, +-sart(3) take intersection and valid solution according to domain of...
Sher Mohammad 4 months ago
Hello student, please find answer to your question Final Solution: So the answer is
Jitender Singh 4 months ago
how to find coefficient of x^n in 1/(1-x)(1-2x)(1-3x) ans is ( 3^n+2-2^n+3+1)/2 sir pl explain the method
coefficient of x^n => Multiply the above and check x^n
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
in these kind of questions u can only multiply the coefficents , same kind of question came this year in iit advance paper 1,, integer type
abhidon3 one month ago
thanhs to ans but i think its not easy to observe how will we explain to find coefficient by multiplication to a student sir
man 2 months ago
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