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if f:R->[pi/6,pi/2),f(x)= arcsin (x^2 - a/x^2 + 1) is a onto function,den set of values of "a" is.....

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

y = sin^{-1}(x^{2}-\frac{a}{x^{2}}+1)
This is simple Quadratic in x2,
\Delta \geq 0
(1-siny)^{2}\geq 4.(-a)
sin^{2}y-2siny+1+4a\geq 0
\Delta <0
Thanks & Regards
Jitender Singh
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
one year ago

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i think ans is g(x)= + (1-x 2 ) 1/2
noogler one month ago
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grenade 2 months ago
sorry i ain’t mentioned about the 0/0 form it might be and given indeterminant out of those 7 indeterminate forms but we first have to convet the given value into 0/0 form
grenade 2 months ago
its easy jst deiiferentiate both numerator and denominator
anuj 2 months ago
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refer Tata Mcgrawl Hills Maths book which has all the solutions and some jee main papers ar solved
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.if x+270[cos2Π/7+cos4Π/7+cos6Π/7=3746,then find the value of x.
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Akshay 21 days ago
integration of x 7 +2 / (x 2 +x+1) 2.
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Jayakrishna 4 days ago
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