if f:R->[pi/6,pi/2),f(x)= arcsin (x^2 - a/x^2 + 1) is a onto function,den set of values of "a" is.....

2 years ago


Answers : (1)

y = sin^{-1}(x^{2}-\frac{a}{x^{2}}+1)
This is simple Quadratic in x2,
\Delta \geq 0
(1-siny)^{2}\geq 4.(-a)
sin^{2}y-2siny+1+4a\geq 0
\Delta <0
Thanks & Regards
Jitender Singh
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
25 days ago

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=5 +n/1 + n(n-1) / 2! + ….....+ n!/n! next step I want to understand (1+1)^n + 4 = 2^n + 4
Ans: Using binomial theorm, By comparison, we have x = 1
Jitender Singh 14 days ago
Please prove …..and also give explanation sir please
Ans: Thanks & Regards Jitender Singh IIT Delhi askIITians Faculty
Jitender Singh 16 days ago
Sir but what is answer
milind 16 days ago
Value of x Image is attached
Ans: Final Solution: Thanks & Regards Jitender Singh IIT Delhi askIITians Faculty
Jitender Singh 23 days ago
The chords of contact of the pair of tangents drawn from each point on the line 2x + y = 4 to the circle x 2 +y 2 = 1 pass through a fixed point- (a) (2,4) (b) (-1/2,-1/4) (c) (1/2, 1/4) (d)...
Hello Student, Equation of chord of contact: hx+ky=1 (h, k) lie on the line, we have 2h+k=4 hx+(4-2h)y=4 =>(1/2, 1/4) Thanks & Regards Arun Kumar Btech, IIT Delhi Askiitians Faculty
Arun Kumar one month ago
Stress is a Vector or Scalar Quantity ??
Stress is a Scalar Quantity. It involves only magnitude and direction doesn`t matter. As Pressure = Stress.
Sushil Vanka 3 months ago
Definitely a scalar. Stress is the magnitude of force per unit area.
Prajwal kr one year ago
stress is a vector quantity because it has magnitude and direction.
Arvindsista 3 months ago
what is the integration of? 1. (x 2 +1)/x 4 +1 2.(sin -1 x) 2
Hi I'll give only one answer for second question make another post. Seeing the arguments in the tan inverse you can figure out how to break the expression. Thanks & Regards, Arun Kumar,...
Arun Kumar one month ago
please give me the clue to break it.
Mostafijur Rahaman one month ago
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