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if f:R->[pi/6,pi/2),f(x)= arcsin (x^2 - a/x^2 + 1) is a onto function,den set of values of "a" is.....

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

y = sin^{-1}(x^{2}-\frac{a}{x^{2}}+1)
This is simple Quadratic in x2,
\Delta \geq 0
(1-siny)^{2}\geq 4.(-a)
sin^{2}y-2siny+1+4a\geq 0
\Delta <0
Thanks & Regards
Jitender Singh
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
one year ago

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2x2= 5 then 5x5= how much?
may be 26 or 16 26=5x5+1.......................5=2x2+1 16=5x5=(2x2)x(2x2)
noogler 4 months ago
suraj kumar 4 months ago
sir, I have aquestion,pl. solve my problem. Find domain of Y=cos -1 (x 2 /1+x 2 )
Dear Student, The domain of the function, y = cos -1 x is -1 <= x<=1. So Use this information to find the domain. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati one month ago
lim x tends to infinity {x-(x 2 +x) 1/2 }
ANSWER -1/2 SOLUTION: lim x tends to infinity {x-(x 2 +x) 1/2 } first solve the algebra by replacing x by 1/t {1/t-(1/t 2 +1/t) ½ } {1/t-(1+t) 1/2 /t} {(1-(1+t)1/2)/t} now rationalise...
Prince Sharma 5 months ago
then divide the complete expression you will get the answer a 1 hey it will be then divide the complete expression by x and substiture x equals infinity you will get the answer equal to 1...
grenade 6 months ago
so sorry we have to rationalise it first then the term of x square will be cancelled then divide the complete expression you will get the answer a 1 approve if useful
grenade 6 months ago
the two sides of triangle is given by the roots of equation as x2-5x+6 then perimeter of triangle
Common sense which is very uncommon.
saahil karnik 2 months ago
Karthik Pasupulatei 3 months ago
saahil karnik 3 months ago
why do we get difficulty in maths
Lack of Practice....!!!
Vijay Mukati 5 months ago
MATHS is very important subject u need a lot of practice of questions not of same type u can start with solved examples then proceed to unsolved self confidence will be developed...
ng29 5 months ago
even if i have practice self confidance is most important
Nicho priyatham 5 months ago
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