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If the normal to the curve y=f (x) at the point (3, 4) makes an angle 3 p/4 with the positive x-axis then f' (3) =
(A) –1                                      (B) –3/4
(C) 4/3                                

7 years ago


Answers : (2)


y =f(x)

Slope of the normal at (x,y) to the curve = -1/f'(x)

Given, -1/f'(x) = tan (3pi/4) =-1,

So, f'(3)=1.

7 years ago

Slope of normal to y = f(x) at (3,4) is -1/f'(3). Thus

-1 / f'(3) = tan (3∏ / 4 ) = tan(∏/2 + ∏/4) = -cot(∏/4) = -1

=> f'(3) = 1


Hope that helps :)

6 years ago

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Pushparaj Patel one year ago
What is the ranges and domains of hyperbolic sine and cosine functions.please give a hint to derive this with explanations
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Can anyone solve this problem and provide the solution
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Harsh Patodia 6 months ago
the answer for your question is square root of three.that will come by solving all the best for your bright future
Prabhakar ch 6 months ago
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Vijay Mukati 3 months ago
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the image is invalid nc piajlskcnSLIDUCBwpviu WVIJN sdckndsfoIHFIJnfpQHFijnv isddV WUPNVwjefP WVwijvnSIDJVNdsip j vnPWJwipubvwjo vnWP IUBHwobWORHB wpovn
Shubhang Arora 3 months ago
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Vikas TU 4 months ago
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