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the point on the curve (x)^(1/2)+(y)^1/2)=2*(a)^(2) where the tangents are equally inclined to the axes,is

plz ansr this question briefly o that i can understand it easily.

6 years ago


Answers : (1)


eq of curve is x^1/2  +  y^1/2 =a^2


  let (x, y,) be the point on the curve at which we have to draw  the tangent


 since (x, y,) lies on the curve so it will satisfy the eq of curve

   so x,^1/2 + y,^1/2 =a^2  ..................eq1 

   slope of tangent =dy/dx= -(y,/x,)^1/2 at (x, y,)

   tangent is equally inclined to axes therefore slope =1 or -1....eq3

   solving eq 1 ,2 and 3 

  required point comes out to be (a^4/4 , a^4/4)




6 years ago

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Please help me with this question attachment there .
no the answer given is (C) doesnt exist. can you explain what steps lead to answer? …
Aditya Dev 6 months ago
Dear Aditya dev, Answer is 1. It is a formula..
SAI SARDAR 6 months ago
y=x-(x"2)/2+(x"3)/3-(x"4)/4+......PROOF THAT,,[ (1+x)dy/dx=1]
there are two ways..... 1> the given function is ln(1+x)=y (by taylor series) … 2> differentiate on both sides then use.... 1 – x + x^2 …..=1/(1+x) by infinte gp formula...hope it helps
rishabh 18 days ago
what is the lenght of subtangent in the term of differential quotients of any general curve...
Let tangent and normal to a parabola at a point P(x1,y1) be extended to meet the axis of the parabola at N and T respectively. PT is termed the length of the tangent. PN is termed the length...
Harsh Patodia 8 months ago
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Represent one in the form of other two. Then make a quadratic and frame a relationship between the other two in order to get the answer. If dr’s are proportional then the lines are...
Sourabh Singh 6 months ago
The height of a cone is 24cm. A small cone is cut from the portion of vertex by a plane perpendicular to the axis of the cone. The volume of this small cone is 1/64 of the original cone....
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2017 years ago
trigonometric ratios of sub multiple angles: tan theta
trigonometric ratios of sub multiple angles: tan theta are: tan2A = 2tanA/(1-tan^2A) tanA = root((1-cos2A)/(1+cos2A)) tan3A = (3sinA – 4sin^3A)/(4cos^3A – 3cosA)
Vikas TU one month ago
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