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if f (x) = log (log x) find domain and range

6 years ago


Answers : (2)


Dear Cathy,

Ans: For log(logx) to be defined, logx >0

or x>1

Hence the domain is  xŒ (1,∞)

The range is (-∞,∞)


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All the best Cathy !!!



Askiitians Experts


6 years ago

for log(logx) to be meaningful -
logx > 0                                    by definition of log function ... log(y)Ε real for y > 0 ;
                                                       here y = logx

logx > 0
→ x > 1

domain x > 1 ;

→ 0<logx<∞ ;

→ log(logx) belongs to all real

range all real

6 years ago

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My answer was exactly the same as of Akash. But you disapproved my answer.
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This is not fair!!!!!
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