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I gave a doubt regarding JEE counselling.

I am giving my question


1)What is ocean engineerineering & naval architecture?

2)Any scpe for research after post-graduation? (from IIT KGP)?

3)How are its placements ?

4)can u help me choose between metallurgy and ocean engg?


I want a career in research.


Actually i am apprenhensive about metalurgy because

I may be wrong but I had heard that there is a lot of mugging in METALLURGY & MATERIAL SCIENCE.

In classes 11 and 12 I  loved physics  and  maths... (hated chemistry).And I am very bad in mugging up .


 Do u think i , Sir,I will be interested in meatllurgy?


Yours is the last word for me because  I dont have any other source for my dbts. please help! (and bear with me for my  questions which may be silly)


Thanking You

Yours faithfully,

Kamalendu Ghosh



OBC 614

 Reply Forward

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


Both of the engineering deal with engineering in the ocean. However, they mainly differ from each other in content. Naval Architecture deals with the design of ships and ship systems. Ocean Engineering deals with other structures and systems in or adjacent to the ocean, including offshore platforms, underwater submersibles, coastal structures and other ocean systems and ocean environmental engineering systems.

About the research, both of the branches have a good scope of research.

If you want to go on to work on an MS or PhD in metallurgy , there's a broad range of things you can study as well:

Alloys, Failure analysis, Ceramics, Corrosion, Welding, Thin films, Mechanical metallurgy, Plastics

Metallurgy is a good option. Metallurgical Engineering is a broad field that deals with all sorts of metal-related areas. The three main branches of this major are physical metallurgy, extractive metallurgy, and mineral processing. Physical metallurgy deals with problem solving: you’ll develop the sorts of metallic alloys needed for different types of manufacturing and construction. Extractive metallurgy involves extracting metal from ore. Mineral processing involves gathering mineral products from the earth’s crust.

Metallurgy has a very good scope in present and also in future. There are many companies which requires metallurgy engg. Apart from this there are very specific jobs in ocean engg whereas you will get a very wide variety of jobs in metallurgy.

Some different industries are:

Mining or raw material extraction

Raw materials refiners/suppliers (aluminum/steel/etc)


Oil companies (generally for failure analysis or corrosion)

Manufacturing (forging, casting, other materials fabrication of metals, plastics, ceramics)

Thin films, optical coatings, etc


Laboratory services

And about the last question you will see that no branch easy. In all branches you have to do some mugging. But metallurgy is not completely of mugging branch, there are a lots of things in this you just have to understand.

7 years ago

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