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NIT Surat Opening and Closing Rank - AIEEE 2008

7 years ago


Answers : (1)


NIT Surat Opening and Closing Rank - AIEEE 2008


Branch Name Quota Allotted Under Category Opening Rank Closing Rank

Chemical Engineering AI OB 16404 18378

  AI OP 8032 13108

  AI SC 72252 79320

  AI SCPH 429710 429710

  AI ST 69471 143120

  HS OB 41493 55781

  HS OP 15864 28005

  HS SC 92014 127175

  HS ST 311045 367258

Civil Engineering AI OB 14960 17271

  AI OP 7958 12536

  AI OPPH 213888 213888

  AI SC 44468 73656

  AI ST 71711 99622

  HS OB 46238 46238

  HS OP 16255 27287

  HS SC 104658 126151

  HS ST 204803 313224

Computer Engineering AI OB 8330 10620

  AI OP 2916 6579

  AI OPPH 73658 73658

  AI SC 40656 53011

  AI ST 75191 87839

  HS OB 17194 27240

  HS OP 7047 15029

  HS SC 71211 84605

  HS ST 193577 260588

Electronics & Communication Engineering AI OB 10178 11175

  AI OBPH 159757 159757

  AI OP 2969 6552

  AI SC 34425 53517

  AI ST 68494 78406

  HS OB 20419 32875

  HS OP 6804 15209

  HS OPPH 226206 226206

  HS SC 55788 68325

  HS ST 90570 179866

Electrical Engineering AI OB 12316 14136

  AI OP 6839 8884

  AI OPPH 133496 133496

  AI SC 62143 66085

  AI ST 100571 107553

  HS OB 37116 40350

  HS OP 17041 22536

  HS SC 85431 87940

  HS ST 247746 306826

Mechanical Engineering AI OB 11776 13947

  AI OP 2262 8862

  AI OPPH 126105 126105

  AI SC 21323 62867

  AI ST 68038 95202

  HS OB 23817 38100

  HS OP 8883 19295

  HS SC 74670 83736

  HS ST 120388 258722

Production Engineering AI OB 17899 19077

  AI OP 11324 13851

  AI OPPH 193530 193530

  AI SC 88512 100609

  AI ST 165503 165503

  HS OB 49200 52773

  HS OP 20483 25952

  HS SC 118237 118237

  HS ST 319927 347261

7 years ago

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sir please suggest What should be the preference iit or course
@ muskan the main thing is the branch , as in most of the time , the college doesnot matter a lot , but its depend upon how strong your resume are .. i hv a example case of that also , let...
Umakant biswal 3 months ago
see you need to hv a balance of both, try to get in the 7 zonal iit. But remember dont compromise on the branch because you are going to be recognised by your branch and your life depen on...
Abhishek Singh 3 months ago
i am expecting a rank of 8200 in iit jee 2016. which branch & college may i expect
Dear student, you may check the availability of branch and college at official website of an IIT or by following the link of askiitians and if you ge a seat there, well and good or else let ...
Aneesh Sehgal 4 months ago
please refer to the link thanks and approve my answer
SAHIL 4 months ago
I got qualified in jee Advance...can I get a seat in IIIT through advance marks or rank ?
Dear Student, it is a matter of your good score as well as the merit list this year, you may certainly get a seat at IIIT but before that you may visit the official website of the IIIT to...
Aneesh Sehgal 4 months ago
yes sure if your marks are good in jee advancw then sure you can enter in the college of your choice with warm regards and best wishes for future sahil
SAHIL 4 months ago
Which is better Mechanical in IIT Madras or Electrical in IIT Kharagpur
Electrical at IIT Kgp....
Saurabh Kumar 4 months ago
dear Student, to be honest, Both are great institutes. Ranking wise IIT-M is better but that doesn't mean IIT-KGP lacks behind in any aspects. Ranking goes up and down year after year. You...
Aneesh Sehgal 3 months ago
Ridiculous !!
TGS 3 months ago
Sir I scored 130 in jee n expect 97% in telangana board Sirr can u predict my rank
Dear student Your expected rank will be nearly 65000.But for accurate rank kindly go for the following link
Bhavya 6 months ago
Your score is good and there are chances for you to land yourself at places, i opine that you may try visiting weblinks of certain renowned institutions like – HP University,...
Aneesh Sehgal 5 months ago
Hi.. I am little bit confuse that i should target Computer programming courses or should go in Technical degree programmes. I have interest in programming. So please give me guidance for my...
Hi I would suggest u to go for Technical courses , as there is ample of computer programming involved in technical courses like computer , IT , ECE engineering and also they have gt a much...
AskiitianExpert Shine 7 years ago
Hello, I m Sahil of class 11 cbse. I am an average student who got 9 c.g.p.a in class 10 exam. I wanna join IIT and become a very good mechanical engineer. I m studying in fiitjee patna...
@ sahil let me to clarify 1 thing that there is no relation of class 10 th cgpa with jee advanced exam . jee advanced is a kind of exam which checks your multiple ability but board exam...
Umakant biswal 23 days ago
There is no relation of 10 th Std and competitve exams. In Class 12 you studied theortically and in class 11 and 12 you should study conceptually. Applying the theorems laws in various...
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which are most easiest and most scoring topics in iitjee
Hello Manu You will get all the tips and topics regarding IIT JEE exams on the following link on our website
Pankaj one year ago
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