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Q:- Two systems of rectangular axes have the same origin. If a plane cuts them at distances a,b,c and a1,b1,c1 from the origin, then


B. (1/a^2)-(1/b^2)+(1/c^2)=(1/a1^2)-(1/b1^2)+(1/c1^2)

C. (a^2)+(b^2)+(c^2)=(a1^2)+(b1^2)+(c1^2)


6 years ago


Answers : (1)


Dear Tapasranjan

equation of planes are 

x/a + y/b + z/c =1


 x/a1  + y/b1 + z/c1 =1

since the axis is roatated but the origin and the plane is same so perpendicular distance from the origine to both the plave will be same

|1|/√{1/a2 + 1/b2 +1/c2}  = |1|/√{1/a12 + 1/b12 +1/c12}


 √{1/a2 + 1/b2 +1/c2}  = √{1/a12 + 1/b12 +1/c12}


1/a2 + 1/b2 +1/c2  = 1/a12 + 1/b12 +1/c12

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Askiitians Experts

6 years ago

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Dear Student, The your questions seems to be incomplete, please check it. Thanks.
Raghu Vamshi Hemadri one year ago
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