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whats the equation of plane passing thru  point (1,1,1) containing line r‾=(-3i+j+5k)+λ(-3i-j-5k)? also prove that it contains line r‾=(-i+2j+5k)+ μ(i-2j-5k).

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


required plane containing line u r given so by its direction u find normal of plane and then r.n=a ...u r done...


pres thnx if i helped u...

3 years ago

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The equation of a straight line passing through the point (-5,4) and which cuts an intercept of root(2) units between the lines x+y+1=0 and x+y-1 is?
Hello Student. Please find the solutionx+y+1=0 and x+y-1 are two parallel lines and distance between them is mod|\frac{1-(-1)}{\sqrt{2}} |So distabce between them is 2/root2 = root2So our...
Nishant Vora 9 months ago
Sir, could you kindly assist me solve this problem... Thank you in advance. Two regular polygons have sides m and n respectively. If the number of degrees in an angle of the first is equal...
Hello student, The sum of interior angles of regular polygon having “m” sides = (2m – 4) right angles So, this means that one angle of regular polygon of m sides = (2m-4)/m...
Latika Leekha 21 days ago
Find the equation of the line passing through the point (2,3) and at a distance of 3 units from the origin.
let eqn. of line be y-3=m(x-2), where m is slope of line dist. from origin = 3 I0-3-m(0-2)I/(1+m 2 ) 1/2 =3 solving we get , m=0 or -12/5 lines are y=0 or 5y+12x=39
Abhishek Singh 5 months ago
Prove that: tan5x+tan3x/tan5x-tan3x=4cos2xcos4x
Hello student, We first consider the L.H.S. and try to reach the R.H.S. L.H.S = = = = (Using the formula sin A cos B + cos A sin B = sin (A+B) ) = = 2 sin 4x cos 4x/sin 2x = 2(2 sin 2x cos...
Latika Leekha 2 months ago
= = = (Using the formula sin A cos B + cos A sin B = sin (A+B) = 2 sin 4x cos 4x/sin 2x= 2(2 sin 2x cos 2x)cos 4x/sin 2x= 4 cos 2x cos 4x.
Sai Sampath 2 months ago
​Q. ax^3 + bx^2 + cx + d=0 has 3 real roots alpha beta and gamma Find: alpha^4 + beta^4 + gamma^4 alpha ^5 + beta ^5 + gamma^5
the sum of roots is, alpha+beta+gamma = b/a produc of roots is = d/a alphabeta+ alphagamma+betagamma= -b/a (alpha+beta+gamma)^2=alpha2+beta2+gamma2+alphabeta+ 2alphagamma+2betagamma...
Sher Mohammad one year ago
We have newtons formula which says: In your case divide the polynomial by a then apply the newstons formulae.
Arun Kumar one year ago
evaluate the following integral ∫ sin 2x / a cos^2 (x) + b sin^2 (x) dx
Ans: Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below
Jitender Singh 10 months ago
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