whats the equation of plane passing thru  point (1,1,1) containing line r‾=(-3i+j+5k)+λ(-3i-j-5k)? also prove that it contains line r‾=(-i+2j+5k)+ μ(i-2j-5k).

2 years ago


Answers : (1)


required plane containing line u r given so by its direction u find normal of plane and then r.n=a ...u r done...


pres thnx if i helped u...

2 years ago

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All the points lying inside the triangle formed by the points (1,3), (5,6) amd (-1,2) satisfy: a)3x+2y_ 0 b) 2x+y+1_0 c) -2x+11_0 d)2x+3y-12_0
I think there is some problem with your question since the points lying inside a triangle constitute an enclosed area. So these pointscannot lie on a st. line.
Y RAJYALAKSHMI one month ago
Given two straight lines AB and AC whose equations are 3x + 4y = 5 and 4x – 3y = 15 respectively. Then the possible equation of line BC through (1, 2), such that ABC is isosceles, is L1 = 0...
Equation of the line BC passing through (1,2) with slope ‘m’ is (y-2) = m(x-2) Since ABC is isosceles, angle B = angle C. using Cos(theta) formula for finding angle between the lines AB,BC &...
Y RAJYALAKSHMI one month ago
find the common tangent to a circle x^2+y^2=2a^2 and the parabola y^2=8ax
Hello Student, Equation of tangent to the parabola in slope form: …..............(1) Equation of tangent to the circle in slope form: …................(2) Equation (1), (2)...
Arun Kumar 2 months ago
general solution of tan x+tan4x+tan7x=tanxtan4xtan8x
Hello Student, Please find answer to your question below Other you can find easily.
Jitender Singh one month ago
find the sum of infinit series 1 2 +2 2 x+3 2 x 2 +4 2 x 3 +.................
let its sum be S. S=1+2 2 x+3 2 x 2 ….n 2 x n-1 =1+4x+9x 2 ….…...n 2 x n-1 xS=x+4x 2 +9x 3 ….(n-1) 2 x n-1 +n 2 x n S(1-x)=1+3x+5x 2 +7x 3 ….-n 2 x n use AGP formula to simplify it LET THE...
PRAJVAL98 28 days ago
"a relation R is defined from a set A={2,3,4,5} to a set B={3,6,7,10} as follow:"(x,y) belong to R and x is relatively prime to y . determine its range and domain“
according to given relation , (x,y) belong to R and x is relatively prime to y . determine its range and domain“ for x=2 , y= 3,7 x=3, y= 4,5 x=4 , y=3,5 x=5 , y= 2,3,4
Sher Mohammad one month ago
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