whats the equation of plane passing thru  point (1,1,1) containing line r‾=(-3i+j+5k)+λ(-3i-j-5k)? also prove that it contains line r‾=(-i+2j+5k)+ μ(i-2j-5k).

2 years ago


Answers : (1)


required plane containing line u r given so by its direction u find normal of plane and then r.n=a ...u r done...


pres thnx if i helped u...

2 years ago

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From a point (sin k,cos k),three normal can be drawn to the parabola y^2=4ax(a>0) then then value of a lies in the interval: 1)(2,5/2) 2)(0,1/2) 3)(2,3) 4)(1/2,3/2)
Hi, The equation of the normal to the parabola y 2 = 4ax is y = mx – 2am – am 3 , where m is the slope of the tangent line corresponding to the normal. If the normal passes...
A tangent to the ellipse x 2 +y 2 =4 meets the ellipse x 2 +2y 2 =6 at P &Q.The angle b/w the tangents at P & Q of ellipse x 2 +2y 2 =6 is......
Please check the question and post it once again x 2 +y 2 =4 is not a eqn of ellipse...
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
Q . EQUATION OF THE STRAIGHT LINE BELONGING TO THE FAMILY OF LINES :- ( x + y ) + k( 2x – y +1) =0 , THAT IS FARTHEST FROM ( 1 , – 3) IS :- 13y – 6x = 7 13y + 6x = 0 15y + 6x =7 15y – 6x = 7
The point of intersection of given family of lines is the point of intersection of x+y=0 and 2x-y+1=0 and it is (-1/3 1/3). The required line belongs to the given family so it must pass...
Himaja 19 days ago
thanks....got it
bharat makkar 15 days ago
Could someone suggest me how to build strong base for iit jee maths?Thanks in advance.
Every practical example is concerned of somewhat mathematical approach. 1. NCERT approach 2. Topic specialized books a. CALCULUS-- A.M.Aggarawal b. Trigonometry and vector analysis-...
Saurabh Kumar 3 months ago
five persons A,B,C,D,E are pulling the cart of mass 100 kg on a smooth surface and cart is moving with acceleration of 3m/sq in east direction. when person A stops pulling it moves with...
…. Eq. 1 where i is unit vector in east direction. …. Eq 2 … Eq 3 From Equation 1 and 2, we get From equation 1 and 3 , we get Hence, if only A and B are pulling,...
bharat bajaj 6 months ago
let the equation of aline be x +y+2. If the co ordinates of orthocenter and circum center are(1,1) and (2,0)then the radius of circumcircle is
I fjust this much information is given, assuming the question to be complete, Proceed with calculating the coordinates of length and foot of perpendicular from both the points on the line.As...
Ravi one month ago
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