whats the equation of plane passing thru  point (1,1,1) containing line r‾=(-3i+j+5k)+λ(-3i-j-5k)? also prove that it contains line r‾=(-i+2j+5k)+ μ(i-2j-5k).

2 years ago


Answers : (1)


required plane containing line u r given so by its direction u find normal of plane and then r.n=a ...u r done...


pres thnx if i helped u...

2 years ago

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if the extremities of a diagonal of a square are (1,-2,3) and (2,-3,5) then the lenght of its side is ?
Length of the diagonal of square is √ ((1-2) 2 + (-2+3) 2 +(3-5) 2 ) = √6 We aslo know that length of square is √2 times the side. This implies √2a= √6 ( where...
Harsh Patodia 4 months ago
If the vertices of triangles are placed at (0,0), (0,6), (6,0). The prove that the distance between the orthocentre and circumcentre is 3 root2.
Solution: As we know the.. orthocentre is the point of intersection of altitudes of the triangle... soo for right angle triangle.. orthocenter is the vertex itself on which right angle is...
Ajay Verma 6 months ago
prove that the the perpediculars drawn from the vertices of a triangle on the sides facing them are concurrent.
Hello Student, Please find the proof of this: Let us draw (construct) the straight line GH passing through thepoint C parallel to the triangle side AB. Such a line does exist due to...
Nishant Vora 4 months ago
my question is of quadratic equation . if x 2 +(a-b)x+(1-a-b)=0 where a, b belongs to real number then find the values of “a” which equation unequal real roots for all values of “b”?
Hi student Discriminant of above equation is – (a-b) 2 – 4(1-a-b) For unequal roots D>0 => a 2 + b 2 -2ab – 4 + 4a + 4b > 0 b 2 -2b(a -2) + a 2 -4 +4a > 0 now...
Harsh Patodia 3 months ago
Check monotonocity of x^(1/3) at x=0
Hii Student Just check the question and send in again. Monotonocity can be defined in a interval and at a single point it’s meaningless . So check the question again before posting. We...
Sourabh Singh 4 months ago
what is the standard equation of the circle, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola in terms of complex numbers?
center of the circle (h,k) and the radius r then the standard equation circle (x-h)^2+(y-k)^2=r^2
lavanya 2 months ago
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