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The length of the chord of the parabola y2=x which is bisected at the point (2,1) is?

a)51/2     b)4*31/2     c)3*31/2     d)2*51/2

4 years ago


Answers : (1)


T = S1

y-0.5(x+2) = 1^2 - 2 = -1


2y - x - 2 = -2

or, x = 2y


Put in the equation,


y^2 = 2y

or, y = 0 , 2

x = 0, 4

Points where the line cuts the parabola = (0,0), (4,2)


Length = sqrt(4^2 + 2^2) = sqrt(16+4) = sqrt(20) = 2*sqrt(5)


Option (d)

4 years ago

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A triangle whose sides have equation 2x+y-1=0, x-3y+2=0 and x-y+1=0. Find area of triangle without finding the coordinates of triangle
Dear Abhishek, you can use the formula of area of triangle which is A=1/2 of |x1 y1 1| |x2 y2 1| |x3 y3 1|
Amogh Dasture 3 months ago
what is the relation between incentre and circumcentre of any triangle
Dear Student. The distance between the incenter andcircumcenteris sqrt(R(R-2r)) , where R is thecircumradiusand r is theinradius, a result known as theEuler triangle formula. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 3 months ago
The orthocenter, the centroid and the circumcenter of a non-equilateral triangle are aligned; that is to say, they belong to the same straight line, called line of Euler.
Nishant Vora 3 months ago
The straight line x + y = k touches the parabola y = x – x2, if k
Dear Student, Calcuate y from given equation of line and put it in the equation of parabola. Noiw since the line touches that means the D = 0 for the quadratic equaiton. Hence you will get k...
Vijay Mukati 4 months ago
what is sin 0
sin0=0 why beacase in the trygonometry first quadrent is all positive the sin belongs to first quadrent so the sin0 value is zero(0).
D jaya 2 months ago
sin 0=0
KARTHIK 8 months ago
OUTPASS 8 months ago
what is the formulae for (a+b) 3 and derive expression
the formula for (a+b) 3 =a 3 +b 3 +3a 2 b+3ab 2 this is formula of (a+b)^3. this formula is very useful while solving formulas
Gaddam Chethan 5 months ago
the formulae for (a+b) 3 is a 3 +3a 2 b+3ab 2 +b 3 . if we derive this we get the expansion like this.this the formulae .
N JYOTHEESWAR 5 months ago
This is to inform all forum users who are posting questions and then approving answers of all the users in same question just to give points to their friends so that they can get the gift...
Forum Team 4 months ago
Find the general term in the expansion of (2-3x) -1/2?
Given (2-3x) -1/3 (2-3x) -1/3 = 2 -1/3 (1-3x/2) -1/3 finally;.the answer is 2 -1/3 1*4*7*........*(3r-2)/r|
OUTPASS 8 months ago
(2-3x) -1/2 =2 -1/3 (1-3x/2) -1/3 T r+1 =2 -1/3 [{(-1/3)(-1/3-1)(-1/3-2)...........(-1/3-r+1)}/r!](-3x/2) r =(2 -1/3 /r!)(-1 2r )(1/3)(4/3)(7/3).................(3x/2) r =(2)...
RAJU 8 months ago
Given (2-3x) -1/3 (2-3x) -1/3 = 2 -1/3 (1-3x/2) -1/3 finally;.the answer is 2 -1/3 1*4*7*........*(3r-2)/r|
venky 8 months ago
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