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if ax^3+by^3+cx^2y+dxy^2=0 represent three distinct straight lines,such that each line bisects the angle between other two then prove that 3b+c=0

3 years ago


Answers : (1)


Let the lines be


y-mix = 0 where i=1,2,3


As one line is equally inclined to the other two, we impose the following condition.

(m1-m3)/(1+m1m3) = -(m2-m3)/(1+m2m3)

Simplify to get,


(m1+m2+m3)-3m3-m3(m1m2+m2m3+m3m1)+3m1m2m3 = 0       ...........(i)


Similarly applying the condition on the other two pairs, we get,


(m1+m2+m3)-3m2-m2(m1m2+m2m3+m3m1)+3m1m2m= 0         ............(ii)


(m1+m2+m3)-3m1-m1(m1m2+m2m3+m3m1)+3m1m2m= 0          .......... (iii)


Adding equations (i),(ii) and (iii), we get,


-(m1m2+m2m3+m3m1)(m1+m2+m3) + 9m1m2m3 = 0                 ............(iv)


Putting y=mx in the equation of combined equation,



we get,


bm3 + dm2 + cm + a = 0

By theory of equations,


m1+m2+m3 = -d/b

m1m2+m2m3+m3m1 = c/b

m1m2m3 = -a/b



Putting the above relations in equation (iv),


-(c/b)(-d/b) + 9(-a/b) = 0




This is the condition that i get. No idea where i went wrong.

3 years ago

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Find the equation of the circles passing through (-4,3) and touching the lines x+y=2 and x-y=2.
Expalnation The two lines are perpendicular to each other and are also tangents of the circle. So the intersection point of these two lines lies on the director circle whose radius is 2 0.5 ...
dattatreyamunshi 3 months ago
(x-6) 2 + (y-6) 2 = 26
dattatreyamunshi 3 months ago
which books are best for studying conic sections for iitjee....................from which book questions come directly
For conic section refer to SL lonely coordinate geometry as it covers all the topics with proofs for better understanding....but you have to skip some irrelevant topics
Himanshu 7 days ago
Why 2+2 =4????
Dear Student, This is a basic mathematics that 2 and 2 will be equal to 4. Let suppose you keep two toffee on a table then you keep another 2 toffee on the same table. Now if you start...
Vijay Mukati 3 months ago
Consider the equation ; x 4 + ax 3 - 6x 2 + ax + 1 find parameter of a for which equation has two distict positive roots ?
Its not properly uploaded in previous comment. The answer is a is (-infinity,2). Consider only positive side of x-axis for analysis, that is x>0. At a=2, you get f(x)=x 4 +2x 3 -6x 2 +2x+1, ...
Akshay 4 months ago
The answer is a is (-infinity,2). Consider only positive side of x-axis for analysis, that is x>0. At a=2, you get f(x)=x 4 +2x 3 -6x 2 +2x+1, Differentiating with respect to x: f’(x)=4x 3...
Akshay 4 months ago
When a(is less than)2, {f(x) when a(is less than)2} (is less than) {f(x) when a=2}. At x=1, you will get f(x)(is less than)0. As f(0)(is less than)0 and f(infinity)>0 , you will get two...
Akshay 4 months ago
SEELA YUVARAJU 2 months ago
SAI SARDAR 2 months ago
SEELA YUVARAJU 2 months ago
e x l og a + e alogx +e aloga
since we can write e xlog a =e log a^x =a x so the required answer is a x +x a +a a
Revti Raman 4 months ago
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