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if median of triangle are 5 cm 6cm and 7cm then find area of this triangle.

3 years ago


Answers : (1)

Let the median length be m1, m2& m3. Then area of triangle A is:
A = \frac{4}{3}\sqrt{S(S-m_{1})(S-m_{2})(S-m_{3})}
where S is
S= \frac{m_{1}+m_{2}+m_{3}}{2}
S= \frac{5+6+7}{2} = 9
A = \frac{4}{3}\sqrt{S(S-m_{1})(S-m_{2})(S-m_{3})}
A = \frac{4}{3}\sqrt{9(9-5)(9-6)(9-7)}
A = \frac{4}{3}\sqrt{}
A = 8\sqrt{6}
Thanks & Regards
Jitender Singh
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
one year ago

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How to find common tangent of an ellipse with other ellipse?
Find the eq of tangent from ellipse 1, then put the value of tangent in ellipse 2 . from there u will get the value of m and(x,y)
Radha Rawat 7 days ago
Radha Rawat 7 days ago
question from coordinate geometry
what that question
venky 2 months ago
How do we find the vertices of the triangle if its equation of a line and opposite vertex is given.?
Dear Student, You can easily find the vertices from the given equation of lines. Solve the two equation to get the intersecting point on them. This intersecting points will be the vertices...
Vijay Mukati 3 months ago
if the equation ax^3 - 9x^2 + 12x - 5 = 0 has two equal real roots then the 'a' equals
As it has repeated real roots this means for y=ax 3 – 9x 2 +12x -5 dy/dx must be zero at that point . dy/dx =3ax 2 -18x+12=0 for dy/dx to have real root D>=0 => a
Jayant Kishore yesterday
FIND THE VALUE OF {(1+X) 3/2 -(1+X/2) 3 }/(1-X) 1/2 ,X IS VERY SMALL
(1+x) n = 1 + nx, when x is very small, substitute in your equation and you will get answer=0
Akshay 4 months ago
what is a telescopic series
In mathematics, a telescoping series is a series whose partial sums eventually only have a fixed number of terms after cancellation. Such a technique is also known as the method of...
grenade 6 months ago
the then 1,2,3 till infinity will be cancelled
grenade 6 months ago
is this which i was using in inverse
Gman Namg 6 months ago
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