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if median of triangle are 5 cm 6cm and 7cm then find area of this triangle.

4 years ago


Answers : (1)

Let the median length be m1, m2& m3. Then area of triangle A is:
A = \frac{4}{3}\sqrt{S(S-m_{1})(S-m_{2})(S-m_{3})}
where S is
S= \frac{m_{1}+m_{2}+m_{3}}{2}
S= \frac{5+6+7}{2} = 9
A = \frac{4}{3}\sqrt{S(S-m_{1})(S-m_{2})(S-m_{3})}
A = \frac{4}{3}\sqrt{9(9-5)(9-6)(9-7)}
A = \frac{4}{3}\sqrt{}
A = 8\sqrt{6}
Thanks & Regards
Jitender Singh
IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty
one year ago

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if | z – 4 | + | z – [12/5] | = 10 represents an ellipse , then what is its eccentricity?
I am assuming that [12/5] is the greatest integer function, which will change the equation to |z-4| + |z-2| = 10 Now Interpreting this as an ellipse is simple, basically the equation can be...
Riddhish Bhalodia 3 months ago
c is the center of the circle. abcd is a square with ac as the radius. e is a point on the circle such that ed is parallel to ac. Find the angle ced. plz answer fast
this is a very good questio ankit i think the value of theta is 22.5 you can solve it by using aleternate interiror angles property.
rshabh 3 months ago
The answer for your question is 22.5 0 all the best for your bright future bye /........................................
Prabhakar ch 2 months ago
find the acute angle between the pair of line y 2 -xy-6x 2 =0
Suppose that the lines y = mx and y = tx are represented by the following equation: ax 2 + 2hxy + by 2 = 0, Then angle theta between them can be formed by: tan (theta) = 2*sqrt(h 2...
Vijay Mukati 7 months ago
what is the difference b/w permutation and combination
Both are similar, the only difference lies in order of arrangement of articles. For eg if fruit salad contains combination of apples, grapes and bananas then, we don't care what order...
Bhavya 11 days ago
permutation means arrangements of elements .combination means selection of elements this the main difference between permutation and combination
googlelo photoes remove cheyandi.please what is the way to remove photo from iitians.
first google lo photos ela pettalo chepandi kalavathi garu tharvatha ela remove cheyalo memu chepthamu thondharge chepandi
bunnypriya 8 days ago
this question is only for who works in iit. if you know give answer.thank you for your reply bunnypriya garu.
kalavathi 8 days ago
first googl
bunnypriya 8 days ago
Sir in this question Prove that the vectors 3i+2j-2k,-i+3j+4k and 4i-j-6k can form a triangle. If we find the distance between the vectors and add them then we get zero so it is proved. But ...
hi LET a =3i+2j-2k , b =-i+3j+4k and c =4i-j-6k,you see on adding b and c we obtain a therfore a,b and c form a triangle according to TRIANGLE LAW OF VECTOR ADDITION. with regards SIDDHARTH ...
Ankit Jaiswal 2 months ago
LET a =3i+2j-2k , b =-i+3j+4k and c =4i-j-6k,you see on adding b and c we obtain a therfore a,b and c form a triangle according to TRIANGLE LAW OF VECTOR ADDITION. with regards SIDDHARTH...
siddharth gupta one year ago
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