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A closed cone is placed with water half of its height as shown below in fig 1 . If it will completely revolved then water goes down and height will change . So at what height from the base water will stay? Find X.


94_47067_Untitled 1.gif


4 years ago


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What is required to check that a given equation of a circle neither touches nor intersects the coordinate axis. Say for example x^2+y^2-8x-12y+p=0 range of p such that above conditions are...
For neither touches nor intersect the axes the perpendicular distance from center of the circle should be greater than the radius.this is will give conditions and thus solve them
H AGGARWAL 26 days ago
Is it correct because one way it says m1/m2 is +ve and ax1+by1+c)/(ax2+by2+c) To negative
Dear Student, Correction is there, On solving the equation, we get – m1/m2. So negative sign is missing over there. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 7 days ago
A circle passes through the point (3,(7/2)^0.5) and touches the line pair x^2 – y^2 -2x+1=0. the co ordinates of centre of circle are? (4,0) (6,0)
OK so first we solve for the lines whihc gives the two lines as and now plotting them on the coordinate axes, it’s easy to see by symmetry that the center of circle would lie on x-...
Riddhish Bhalodia 8 days ago
d/dx(dy/dx)=d^2y/dx^2 why we wont taken d^2/dx^2 give the answer
Dear Student, d/dx(dy/dx)=d^2y/dx^2 becuase of y in the numerator. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 21 hours ago
Integrate log(sinx+cosx)dx from -pi/4 to pi/4. someone plz help
This is a tricky question First put x = -x and add Now put 2x = t which implies, dx = dt/2 Now refer to the following steps to solve for the simplified integral
Riddhish Bhalodia 12 days ago
Pls solve the problem of exponents for which I have attached the image for your kind cooperation
Dear Student, Image is not attached. Please post it again. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 2 months ago
my dear friend you don’t put any image so what way i understand so i don’t understand please sent image.THANK YOU.
NARAYANA one month ago
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