let x2 +y2 -4x-2y-11=0 be a circle.a pair of tangents from the points (4,5) with a pair of radii form a quadrilateral of area...

2 years ago


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2 years ago

  • means its centre at2,1 and radii 4.it is at adis.from 2 so area of one triangle from quadilateral is 8.so another is also a right angled triangle  so its area 4. so total area 12

2 years ago

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The complex numbers z1 z2 and z3 satisfying z1- z3/z2 -z3= 1-i(root 3)/2 are vertices of a triangle which is Of arwa 0 eqiulateral right angled isosceles obtuse angle isosceles
(z1-z2)/(z2-z3)= cos(-60)+sin(-60)=e -i60 taking mode on both sides Absolute value of(z1-z2/z2-z3)=1 Therefore |z1-z2|=|z2-z3| Also angle between z1-z2 & z2-z3 is 60 So given triangle is...
Sunil Raikwar 9 months ago
if a parabola whose length of latus rectum is 4a touches the coordinate axes the find the locus of its focus
please check the attached file
Sunil Raikwar 9 months ago
Let (h,k) be the focus of the hyperbola, since it touches the axis tangent at the vertex should be and the equation of its directrix should be and the perpendicular distance from direcrtrix...
sunil raikwar 9 months ago
Hi Pranjal, There is slight technical issue. Please post these questions again in analytical Geometry. We will upload the answers for the same. askIITians Faculty
sunil raikwar 9 months ago
A diagonal of rhombus ABCD is a member of both the family lines (x+y-1)+k1(2x+3y-2)=0 and (x-y+2)+k2(2x-3y+5) where k1,k2 are Real Numb and one of the vertex of the rhombus is (3,2). If the...
One diagonal is a member of both the family of lines (x+y-1)+k1(2x+3y-2)=0 and (x-y+2)+k2(2x-3y+5) Hence it must pass through the point of intersection of x+y-1= 0 and 2x+3y-2 = 0 . Also it...
Satyajit Samal 2 months ago
.the no of elements in A is n for which the system of linear equations A×(matrix multiplication) column matrix (x y z) =column matrix (1 0 0) has a unique solution then A)n
see if the last answer after matrix multiplication is column matrix ( 1 0 0 ) and one of the factor is column matrix( x y z ) .. then A must be of the form 1 x 1. because( matrix of the form...
abhidon3 22 days ago
Find all real values of m for which the inequalty mx 2 - 4x + 3m + 1 >0 is satisfied for all positive x. Hint : THE GIVEN EXPRESSION IS +VE ONLY AND ONLY FOR POSTIVE x.
Hello Student, Please find the solution The value of this quadratic is always positive (>0) So graph will always be above x-axis therefore the condition will be :- D>0 and a>0...
Nishant Vora 2 months ago
what is the square root of -i argument of -i
find sq root by the simple step... root (-i)=a+ib............... and arg of -i= -pi/2 or 5pi/2
Akash Kumar Dutta one year ago
sqrt(-i)=e -i((pi/2)+(2N(pi))) where N is ANY integer
Chetan Mandayam Nayakar one year ago
arg is 270 ad 1is the root
sandy sandy one year ago
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