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let x2 +y2 -4x-2y-11=0 be a circle.a pair of tangents from the points (4,5) with a pair of radii form a quadrilateral of area...

3 years ago


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3 years ago

  • means its centre at2,1 and radii is at adis.from 2 so area of one triangle from quadilateral is another is also a right angled triangle  so its area 4. so total area 12

3 years ago

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If the point (at^2 , 2at ) be exttemity of focal chord of parabola y^2 = 4ax then show length of focalchord is a(t + 1/t^2)
Find the eqn of focal chord using the condition that the focal chord passes through the focus(a,0) as well as(at^2 , 2at) by using the two point form of the straight line. Now, find the...
Ravi 5 months ago
Find the equation of circle passing through (3, -6) and touching both the axes ? (a) x 2 + y 2 – 6x + 6y +9 =0 (b) x 2 + y 2 + 6x – 6y +9 =0 (c) x 2 + y 2 – 30x + 30y + 225 =0 (d) x 2 + y 2...
solution: ans: “a” and “ c” both AS given circle is touching both the axis and passing through (3, -6) so its clear that circle would be in 4 th quadrant .. so the...
Ajay Verma 9 months ago
In a triangle ABC, if A is (1,2) and equation of the medians through B and C are x + y = 5 and x = 4 respectively, then B is : (1,4) (7,-2) (4,1) (-2,7)
Hello student, The equation of median through B is x+y = 5. The point B lies on it so the coordinates of B are (x 1 , 5-x 1 ) Now CF is a median through C, so coordiantes of F i.e. mid-point...
Latika Leekha 6 days ago
see attachment and eexplain it
2 ways
Rahul Jiji George 6 months ago
please anyone help
Ans: Hello student, Please find answer to your question below [x] is the greatest integer that is less than or equal to x. [x] is 0 if x lies between 0 (included) and 1 (excluded) [x] is 1...
Jitender Singh 7 months ago
How to make sure that i have learnt vectors ?? what are the basic concepts of vectors and unit vectors ??
Dear Student, Actually there are two points where you need vectors. Once its taught in physics (only basics) and once in 12 th std in maths there you have to study in deep. Now accordingly...
Nishant Vora 7 days ago
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