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let x2 +y2 -4x-2y-11=0 be a circle.a pair of tangents from the points (4,5) with a pair of radii form a quadrilateral of area...

4 years ago


Answers : (2)



4 years ago

  • means its centre at2,1 and radii is at adis.from 2 so area of one triangle from quadilateral is another is also a right angled triangle  so its area 4. so total area 12

4 years ago

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H​ii,plz anyone can help me out.....How to find Orthocentere of any triangle......whats the formula for it.?
The point where the three altitudes of a triangle intersect.
Nishant Vora 7 months ago
The base BC of triangle ABC is bisected at (p,q) and the equation of sides AB and aAC are px+qy+1 and qx+py=1.Then the equation of median through A is
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Ankit 15 days ago
Ajay 17 days ago
A ray of light coming from the point (1,2) is reflected at a point A on the y-axis and then passes through the point (5,3). What are the co-ordinates of point A?
Dear Student Here you should take three cases Case (1) Point is at origin, Case (2) Point is above origin (0,y) , y>0 Case (3) Point is below origin (0,y), y<0 And for all the three...
Vijay Mukati 7 days ago
Find the reflection of point (1,2) w.r.t y-axis. By simple geometry you will find that point of reflection of (1,2) i.e. (-1,2) , point A and (5,3) are collinear. So you can easily find the ...
Bhasker Goel 7 days ago
Please Help Answer is 1,3 Need a detailed explanation
Use trigopnometric property so that you will get the varible eliminated . Y = Z as they are moving on same line . and x will follow the compllimentary path
Sourabh Singh 2 months ago
Dear student, Sinx = 0 → x =npi tanx = 0 means sinx/cosx = 0 => sinx=0 so same but cosx not equal to zero so remove those points Thanks
Nishant Vora 3 months ago
general solution of SINX=0 is n*pie where n belongs to intezers TANX=0 general solution is n*pie where n belongs to intezers
challaumamaheswari 3 months ago
General solution of Sinx=0 is n*pi.where n belongs to intezers Tanx=0 general solution is n*pie where n belongs to intezers
G.VENKATESH one month ago
Let f : [a, b] → R be continuous on [a, b] and differentiable on (a, b). Suppose that f(a) = a and f(b) = b. Show that there is c ∈ (a, b) such that f′(c) = 1. Further, show that there are...
BY LMVT(Lagrange mean value theorem) Apply theorem in at points (a,f(a)) & (b,f(b)) This prove the first part that there exist a point c between a & b such that SECOND PART now break the...
Aakash 11 months ago
My answer was exactly the same as of Akash. But you disapproved my answer.
Anoopam Mishra 11 months ago
This is not fair!!!!!
Anoopam Mishra 11 months ago
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