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                   Q)Direction cosines of 2 lines are connected by the relation:-al+bm+cn=0 & fmn+gnl+hlm=0.Find the condition that these 2 lines will be (a)perpendicular (b)parellel

3 years ago


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If a double ordinate of the parabola y 2 =28x subtends a right angle at its vertex then what will be the length of its double ordinate...?
The 2 ends of the double ordinate will be meeting the parabola at P(c,d) and Q(c,-d). The line segments joining P and Q with the vertex will have slopes as negative reciprocals of each...
Ravi 6 months ago
In a triangle ABC, if A is (1,2) and equation of the medians through B and C are x + y = 5 and x = 4 respectively, then B is : (1,4) (7,-2) (4,1) (-2,7)
Hello student, The equation of median through B is x+y = 5. The point B lies on it so the coordinates of B are (x 1 , 5-x 1 ) Now CF is a median through C, so coordiantes of F i.e. mid-point...
Latika Leekha one month ago
explain hyperbolic asymptotes
Dear student, Asymptotes of a hyperbola are the lines that pass through center of the hyperbola and touch the hyperbola at infinity.Basically they act as tangents to the two branches of...
Sumit Majumdar 9 days ago
Check monotonocity of x^(1/3) at x=0
Hii Student Just check the question and send in again. Monotonocity can be defined in a interval and at a single point it’s meaningless . So check the question again before posting. We...
Sourabh Singh 8 months ago
5 ∫ 3 (2 – x) dx
integration of 2-x from 3 to 5 is equal to (2x-((x^2)/2)) from 3 to 5 =(2*5-((5^2)/2))-(2*3-((3^2)/2)) =(10-(25/2))-(6-(9/2)) =(-5/2)-(3/2) =-8/2 =-4
Miryala Gopalakrishna 7 months ago
Ans:- 5 ∫ 3 (2-x)dx =[2x-(x 2 /2)] 3 5 =[2(5-3)]-[(25/2)-(9/2)] =[2(2)]-[(25-9)/2] =4-8 =-4
Anusha 7 months ago
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