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                   Q)Direction cosines of 2 lines are connected by the relation:-al+bm+cn=0 & fmn+gnl+hlm=0.Find the condition that these 2 lines will be (a)perpendicular (b)parellel

3 years ago


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Please tell how they calculate it sir please see attachment please
attachement is not visible, please write the quesion on forum , otherwise not possible to help you.
Sher Mohammad one year ago
=5 +n/1 + n(n-1) / 2! + ….....+ n!/n! next step I want to understand (1+1)^n + 4 = 2^n + 4
milind one year ago
(log base e 2)(log base x 625) = (log base 10 16)(log base e 10) then x=?
Ans, x = 2; (Hint: Bring log base e 2 to the RHS and convert (log base e 10)/ (log base e 2) into 1/ log base 10 2.)
Vijay Mukati 2 months ago
x=5 log e 2 log x 625=log 10 16 log e 10 log e 2 log x 625=log e 16 log a b log c a=log c b log e 2 log x 625=log e 2 4 log e 2 log x 625=4log e 2 loga x =x loga log x 625=4 625=x 4 x=5...
noogler 2 months ago
A particle prjected from origin moves in x-y plane with a velocity (vect.) v = 3i + 6xj where i and j are the unit vectors along x and y axix respectively. Find the equation of the path...
Dear Sunrit The path equation is y = x 2 S x = x = ∫v x .dt = 3∫dt = 3t S y = y = ∫v y .dt = ∫6x dt = ∫6(3t) dt = ∫18tdt = 9t 2 Thus y = x 2
shashi K Sharma one year ago
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