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                   Q)Direction cosines of 2 lines are connected by the relation:-al+bm+cn=0 & fmn+gnl+hlm=0.Find the condition that these 2 lines will be (a)perpendicular (b)parellel

3 years ago


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sir what is parallelopiped this is asked in the mathematics exercise of 8 th grade but it is nowhere to be found in the book
In geometry, a parallelepiped is a three-dimensional figure formed by six parallelograms (the term rhomboidis also sometimes used with this meaning). By analogy, it relates to a...
Sourabh Singh 7 months ago
a parallelepiped is a three-dimensional figure formed by six parallelograms. The rectangular cuboid (six rectangular faces), cube (six square faces), and the rhombohedron (six rhombus faces)...
Yash Baheti 7 months ago
A straight line through p(2,3) inclined at an angle 60 degrees with positive y axis in clockwise direction.The co-ordinates of one of the points on it at a distance 4 units from P is.?
solution: as shown.. the equn of the line (x – x 1 ) / cos A = ( y – y 1 ) / sin A = R where A = angle of inclination with X-axis R = distance of the point on the line so ( x...
Ajay Verma 8 months ago
Q . EQUATION OF THE STRAIGHT LINE BELONGING TO THE FAMILY OF LINES :- ( x + y ) + k( 2x – y +1) =0 , THAT IS FARTHEST FROM ( 1 , – 3) IS :- 13y – 6x = 7 13y + 6x = 0 15y + 6x =7 15y – 6x = 7
The point of intersection of given family of lines is the point of intersection of x+y=0 and 2x-y+1=0 and it is (-1/3 1/3). The required line belongs to the given family so it must pass...
Himaja 3 months ago it
bharat makkar 3 months ago
Range of f(x)= cos -1 x + 2sin -1 x +3tan -1 x is :
Use this to reduce the function cos-1x + sin-1x = pi/2. after using this the function will just be “pi/2 +sin-1x +3tan-1x” and we can see both are monotonous fucnctions and that...
Sourabh Singh 6 months ago
The area of the triangle formed by the intersection of a line parallel to x-axis and passing through P (h, k) with the lines y = x and x + y = 2 is 4h^2. Find the locus of the point P.
Hello Student, Area of triangle=(1/2).AB.AC=4h^2 and AB= 2|k–1|=AC =>4h2 =(1/2).2.(k–1)^2 =>k-1 = ± 2h. =>locus is y = 2x + 1, y = – 2x + 1. Thanks &...
Arun Kumar 8 months ago
If a, b are natural numbers such that 2013 + a 2 = b 2 , then the minimum possible value of ab is Sol. (b - a) (b + a) = 2013 = 3 × 11 × 61 ( In what logic in their mind they split this ) ab...
Hello student, Please find the answer to your question below Given a 2 +2013=b 2 it can also be written as b 2 -a 2 =2013 by prime factorization we have b 2 -a 2 =3*11*61 so...
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