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from the origin,chords are drawn to the circle square(x-1) +square(y)=1.the equation of the locus of the mid pt. of these chord is....

4 years ago


Answers : (2)

4 years ago

O(0,0) lies on the circle.

general form of any point on this circle is given by (-g+r(cosØ),-f+r(sinØ)) hence here it is P(1+1(cosØ),1(sinØ)).

thus for mid pt. of chord OP:

x= (0+1+1cosØ)/2 =>(1+cosØ)/2    (1)

y=sinØ/2;     (2)

from (1) and (2), (cosØ)^2= (2x-1)^2,   (3)

                          (sinØ)^2=(2y)^2;     (4)

adding (3) and (4)


 or x^2 +y^2-x=0 ,which is the required eq.


4 years ago

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who is father of analytic geometry???????????????????????????????
the father of analytic geometry ‘‘rene descartes’‘ is generally regarded as the father of analytical geometry.
sudarshan 6 months ago
rene descarte...Descartes made significant progress with the methods in an essay titled (Geometry) , one of the three accompanying essays (appendices) published in 1637 together with his...
T.kumar 6 months ago
Dear Gowri René Descartes (1596-1650) is generally regarded as the father of Analytical Geometry . His name in Latin is Renatius Cartesius — so you can see that our terminology “Cartesian...
Prabhakar ch 6 months ago
Is Dr. kc sinha good for coordinate geometry for preparing iit jee ? from your point of view which book you thought best for coordinate geometry?
in my view sl loney coordinate geometry is the best book for coordinate geometry as it covers all topic required for iitjjee and many previous year questions have come directly from this...
Himanshu 8 months ago
His book is really good to build concepts. However, to practice more problems similar to what would be asked in IIT JEE, you need to take help from study material of reputed coachings like...
Nishant Sinha 8 months ago
in my opinion you must try arihant intead of k.c.sinha... as it has proved to be one of the best books in market since many years
satyam 8 months ago
find the slope of a line having coordinates (2,5) and (6,4).
Slope will be (4-5)/(6-2) i.e. (-1)/4 or -1/4. Thanks.
Vijay Mukati 4 months ago
slope is equal to y 2 minus y 1 divide by x 2 minus x 1 therefore slope here is equal to ( minus1 by 4. thanks and please approve post if any query
SAHIL 4 months ago
given (2,5) and (6,4). we know slope m= y 2 -y 1 / x 2 -x 1 by using that formula slope m=-1/4 thank you very much all the best
tell me the answer of...
the answer is 0L...once you try it in your terminal by typing python and run your question there ...yoou will get answer surely
KALYAN 7 months ago
this questions answer is "0" this questions answer come in python programing in laptop terminal and all the best for your bright future. THIS CAN BE SOLVE IN PYTHON BUT THE ANSWER IS O...
raj 6 months ago
my dear prabhakar what is this ,this is very quick calculation and it is will get answer zero(0) .you can find this answer by use of calculater which is avalible in our present market.
If a=1290478349 and b=3874972357457 then tell the answer of a%b
a=1290478349 and b=3874972357457 then a%b=1290478344 because a is smaller than b. so it is not divisible
Gaddam Chethan 7 months ago
DEAR PRABHAKAR, a value is smaller than b. so it is impossible to calculate ….….….….….….….….….….….…...
Gowri sankar 6 months ago
then the value of a%b is 1290478349 because a is smallest value than b , so a is not divisible by b. but b%a is possible and can get one answer. a=1290478349 and b=3874972357457 If
vannala shivanand 7 months ago
You can actually find out the squares of any number ending with 5 easilyby using this method. For eg you want to find the square of 25 , take the number before 5 in this case 2 and multiply ...
Athiyaman 11 months ago
raju 10 months ago
charan 10 months ago
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