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from the origin,chords are drawn to the circle square(x-1) +square(y)=1.the equation of the locus of the mid pt. of these chord is....

3 years ago


Answers : (2)

3 years ago

O(0,0) lies on the circle.

general form of any point on this circle is given by (-g+r(cosØ),-f+r(sinØ)) hence here it is P(1+1(cosØ),1(sinØ)).

thus for mid pt. of chord OP:

x= (0+1+1cosØ)/2 =>(1+cosØ)/2    (1)

y=sinØ/2;     (2)

from (1) and (2), (cosØ)^2= (2x-1)^2,   (3)

                          (sinØ)^2=(2y)^2;     (4)

adding (3) and (4)


 or x^2 +y^2-x=0 ,which is the required eq.


3 years ago

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How do we find the vertices of the triangle if its equation of a line and opposite vertex is given.?
Dear Student, You can easily find the vertices from the given equation of lines. Solve the two equation to get the intersecting point on them. This intersecting points will be the vertices...
Vijay Mukati 3 months ago
how to find the area of a triangle with given eqations of 3 lines.....? i cannot understand the determinant method also what is a determinant
Hint: With the given 3 equaitons of lines of triangle, we can easily find the three coordinates of the triangle. Then by using the formula by determinant method, simply put the values of the...
Vijay Mukati 4 months ago
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These self-study packages are actually free to the enrolled students!! The test papers and video solutions given are brilliant and super helpful :D
Kalyani Jayachandran Menon 4 months ago
what is vector
A vector is a quantity or phenomenon that has two independent properties: magnitude and direction. The term also denotes the mathematical or geometrical representation of such a quantity....
AJITH 2 months ago
sai kumar 2 months ago
A physical quantity , which has both magnitude and direction is called vector . Ex – force , velocity { not speed } , displacement { not distance } , accelaration , etc
sri tanish 2 months ago
Find the range of maximum value M of 3^x + 5^x – 9^x – 25^x +15^x 0 5 3 9
Let 3 x = a, and 5 x = b. Let the given expression be S. We look at -S. Now -2S+2 = 2(a 2 +b 2 -ab-a-b)+2 = (a-1) 2 +(b-1) 2 +(a-b) 2 >=0. Hence S x = 5 x = 1 i.e. when x = 0.
mycroft holmes 2 months ago
Small error, we have S Askiitians does not allow less than 100 characters. Hence this additional content!
mycroft holmes 2 months ago
if the equation ax^3 - 9x^2 + 12x - 5 = 0 has two equal real roots then the 'a' equals
As it has repeated real roots this means for y=ax 3 – 9x 2 +12x -5 dy/dx must be zero at that point . dy/dx =3ax 2 -18x+12=0 for dy/dx to have real root D>=0 => a
Jayant Kishore 2 days ago
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